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Getting What You Want to Boost Your Career

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Life as we know it is one ironic journey. When we were still young and did not have our wits with us yet, we somehow knew how to get things our way. However, as we grow older and wiser, we may find that getting our way becomes harder.

Growing older and having full function of all our capacities does not assure us that we would be able to control things more and get our way. Rather, we have to rely on our other faculties to help us get what we want to boost our career. In order to do so however, we need to go back to the basics and learn how to be able to get things our way.

Tactics to boost your career

One of the reasons why it was probably easier for us to get our way when we were still young is due to the fact that we did it unconsciously and unselfishly. As we get older, we become more aware of what we are doing and so trying to get things to go our way may be viewed as being manipulative.

There are some effective ways on how to be able to make it not seem manipulative but as a genuine interest to change the situation for the better. In our work and career, it is very important that we are able to establish this so that we do not give the wrong impression.

  • If we are familiar with constructive criticism, we should also learn how to complain constructively

Criticism and complaints have something in common. They are both undesirable and nobody really wants to hear either of the two. However, when you insert the word constructive, it becomes a totally new ball game.

Just like criticism, complaining is often necessary in order to produce something good or to rectify something that has gone wrong. However, if the complaint is meant to just whine about something but not really seeking to produce actual positive results, it can be ignored. If we somehow establish that we just like to complain on and on, soon enough nobody would really listen to what we are saying anymore.

By complaining constructively, we are able to share something of importance. We become more believable because we are able to build up our thoughts and provide a point. And since we are doing it in a nicer way, there wouldn’t be any bad blood in our work.

  • Be more sensitive on what others want

If we want to get what we want, we must find a way to convince others. It is simple enough to surmise that some persuasion skills may be needed at this juncture. The challenge now would be on how to convince others to give us what we want.

At work, we will find that each one of us will have some common goals and interests. We can get more support for our endeavors and projects if we are able to bring people on board with us. That would mean finding out what they want in order to connect it with our interests. In order to do this, we need to be more sensitive on what they want.

  • Cater to the needs of others

While finding out what others would want is already helpful enough, being able to determine what they need will further assure us of the support of others.

People do not generally like being told what to do especially if they have strong opinions. In our work, we will often encounter personalities such as that. If we try to impose what we want on them, our ideas may be rejected even if they too may agree.

However, when we try to use a totally different tactic and get them to think that this is exactly what they need as well and everyone can benefit from it, we can have a better chance in getting what we want. By making our proposal projects seem like the answer to their problems, we raise the chances of approval for our projects.

  • Wow others

At the end of the day in order to convince others, we need to do something more than the ordinary. If we want to do a particular project and get it approved, we need to consider if it would excite others enough to want it.

Steve Jobs had a lot of great ideas. He wasn’t always Mr. Personality and may have stepped on several toes along the way. But what was so impressive about him was that his ideas and his vision were so captivating that it brought others along to support them.

The same way, we need to prove to others that our proposed project or whatever it is that we are trying to pitch is also something that is worth everyone’s time. So it needs to have some “wow” factor that would set it apart from other’s work or proposals.

Everybody would love to get what they want without a doubt. However, we do know that it isn’t easy especially with our careers when we will be working with so many different personalities. If we are able to utilize the basic but highly effective tactics in trying to persuade others to give us what we want, we may just be able to give our career the much needed boost.


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