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How to Give Your Employees What They Really Want for Christmas

office Christmas party

It is customary to get your employees gifts at Christmas time every year, but are you giving them what they really need? A survey that was conducted by Glassdoor in 2012 revealed that 73% of employees – nearly three in four employees, prefer to get a cash bonus while the 60% would like to get a salary raise, 36% paid time off, 29% grocery gift cards and 13% would like to work from home for a year! What’s particularly interesting is that only 5% of employees are interested in going out for a holiday party with their colleagues which is what the majority of companies are currently doing.

While you can’t accommodate everybody’s needs and preferences, what you can do is come up with ideas and solutions that could work around your employees needs for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Since holidays are less than a week away, you want to plan in advance and decide how you will reward your treasured employees. If it helps you can check the following article recommendations:

#1 Offer flexitime

Perhaps you can give your employees the option to work from home once or twice a week, or even allow them to come in later or leave earlier than usual. This is convenient for jobs where telecommuting is essential. So as long as they have a computer and an internet connection, many jobs can be done remotely. Flexitime is an excellent way to show that you actually respect, trust and appreciate your employees. This will also give them extra time to work around their busy holiday schedule and arrange any family obligations.

#2 Be charitable

Instead of giving your employees a traditional gift, you might want to make a charitable donation in their name. Especially in times of recession, people are likely to appreciate that thought more and the standard gift card or voucher.

#3 Acknowledge their efforts

Every employee wants approval and acknowledgement of how their efforts benefit you and your business. How many times have you approached an employee to discuss what didn’t go well instead of praising them for their good work? Make sure your employees feel valued and important to the company as this encourages self-motivation and their eagerness to work, as a result becoming more engaged in what they do. So, just before the holidays begin, you could provide stats that show every employee has done a good job throughout the year, and that they have proved to be an integral part of the company. Alternatively, you can reward your employees for their hard work by sending them a hand written thank you note or a certificate that acknowledges their outstanding performance.

#4 Give personalised gifts

You don’t want to appear selective nor do you want to take the risk that someone might ‘misunderstand’ your intentions, therefore, it is best that you stick to traditional gifts and make sure that you reward each employee individually. This means, sending a small present out to each person instead of sending out a present that applies to all of your employees. This could be a box of chocolates, flowers or even gift cards. If you’d like, you can visit Gifts to help you get inspiration on Christmas gifts!

Whatever you decide to give your employees for Christmas, just make sure that it shows your genuine appreciation. Christmas only comes once a year so you want to make these holidays as special and meaningful as possible for all your employees. As you can see, you don’t need to buy expensive gifts to make them feel happy and valued at work!  

So, what are you planning to give to your employees for this year’s Christmas holidays? Leave your comments below. 


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