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Google and Amazon Recognise The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work

For all of you dog lovers out there, I’m sure you don’t need to read this article to understand the benefits of bringing your furry friend to work with you every day. Aside from the fact that it is a major stress reliever, it has also proven to make employees more productive and social.

This article is aimed towards the CEO that is saying no! It is difficult to make a decision to allow your employees to bring their dogs to work if you can’t relate, but it is important to know the facts of how allowing this will benefit your company. Studies have shown that bringing your pup to work will increase productivity and decrease stress, and can also bring coworkers together and enhance social interaction. By having your dog at work, you are forced to take a few breaks to take your dog for a walk – which is a major stress reliever for workaholics. It forces you to take a few little breaks and clear your head throughout the day.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at some successful companies that are pro-bring your dog to work.


Hundreds of dogs are welcomed into the office of Amazon every day. All of their offices have dog biscuits at the front desk for the canine coworkers, and the Seattle campus even has specially designed dog water fountains! “Our employees bring hundreds of dogs to work every day,” said Ty Rogers, spokesperson for Amazon. “The first dog to come to the office was a corgi named Rufus. He is still a part of the culture at Amazon; his name is even stamped on many of the door handles in the offices.”


A spokesperson from Google stated that allowing dogs in their office is believed to enhance the quality of their employee’s work life. It is important that your employees are happy, and feel comfortable in their workplace. Enjoying your time at work is crucial considering the amount of time you spend there in your life. Google’s pet allowances do, however, follow strict rules. Aggressive pets or pets with evidence of fleas are kindly asked to go home.


This one is a bit obvious; it had to take an animal lover to create a game like Farmville, but I had to add it in. Zynga is extremely pet friendly in their offices and the name of the company is actually named after one of the founders’ American bull dog. The employee to dog ratio is 9-1, and not only do they provide dog food and pet insurance, Zynga has a designated area, 'The Barking Lot', for the pups’ bathroom breaks!








For those of you who are still unsure about the whole idea – try it out. There is a designated ‘Take Your Dog to Work’ day on June.20th this year. It is a perfect opportunity to test out the theory, and experience the benefits first hand. Click here for more information.

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