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WEB & TECH / OCT. 24, 2013
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Google Maps Engine Pro Visualises Business Data on a Map

Maps are becoming a valuable tool in the workplace, and of course, Google has jumped straight on the trend and developed Google Maps Engine Pro. This new app is designed to help businesses create, visualise and share their data on a map. The innovation involved in the new app is that it enables businesses to edit, analyse and share their information in a simple format by importing data such as addresses, names, office locations and sales leads from different file formats into a map.  

There is also an option to import spreadsheets with up to 2,000 rows, which means that you can easily create a map with 2,000 different locations on it! 

So, imagine a company had a pile of business leads and addresses for a new area they wanted to enter. With Google Maps Engine Pro import they could import and plot all of the data onto a map and see where they need to go to identify opportunities across target markets and ultimately expand their business in a certain region. 

What’s more, users can also customise the design of a map, controlling the colour of marker pins as well as the gradation and border thickness of particular zones. In addition to this, maps can be shared among users and can be edited or altered at any time. Maps appear in Drive just like any other document and it is up to the user to decide the extent to which they will be publicly or privately available by adjusting the privacy settings accordingly.

The application is currently available on Android devices but it is hoped that an iOS app will be soon launched.

Undoubtedly, location data makes more sense to businesses as they relate to a real-world context rather than mere columns of a spreadsheet.  Also, the shareability of data and the possibility of multiple users to edit or add information to the maps provide employees a better way to easily use and manage important business data.


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