SALARIES / DEC. 27, 2012
version 20, draft 20

Government positions – Remuneration, Pensions and Benefits

danish parliament

Members of Parliament (MPs) in Demark, under the Parliamentary Election Act, are to receive a basic pay and weighting. It is not accepted for any Member of Parliament to refuse remuneration for their work performed. The Parliamentary Election Act also stipulates the rates of salary that MPs shall receive.

The weighting salary brackets are categorized as follows:

  • Weighting I: is tax free and applicable to MPs residing in Denmark

  • Weighting II: is tax free and applicable to MPs elected in the Faroe Islands and Greenland

Effective 1 April 2012, the basic salary rate for a Danish MP is 50.054DKK per month, or 600.643DKK per annum. Weighting I is equal to 58.805 per annum, while weighting II amounts to 78.406 per annum.

Careers in the Danish Parliament are extremely advantageous, with MPs gaining recognition within society for their contribution to the government and overall wellbeing of the country. There are many other benefits of being an MP, one of which is the competitive salary and pensions given to each Member of Parliament.

Pensions are given to MPs who have completed at least one year as an MP for the Danish government. MPs can now obtain their pension when they reach the age where they wish to commence ‘early retirement’; however, the standard pension age was previously 60 years. It should be noted that a pension can only be gained where they MP has stopped acting as an MP and ceased accepting a basic remuneration.

Depending on the length of service as a Member of the Danish Parliament, the pension rate will vary. The highest rate of pension is obtained upon completion of 20 years as an MP.

There are many benefits of becoming a Member of Parliament, or simply working for a government organization in Denmark. All public service employees enjoy job security, attractive salary packages, medical and pension plans, social standing within the community, and the opportunities to direct the growth of important economic aspects in the country.  

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