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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 29, 2013
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Graduate Job Hunting Do’s and Don’ts

Upon graduating University or college, you will face the daunting prospect of finding your first proper graduate job. This process can be exciting, but in tough economic climates, it is most likely going to challenge your patience and test your perseverance as a job seeker.

View these graduate job-hunting do’s and don’ts to ensure you start your job seeking process on the right foot!

DO plan your job seeking strategy

DON’T underestimate the competition

DO tailor your resume for each job you apply for

DON’T forget to include a cover letter with your resume application

DO follow up on job applications with an email if you do not hear back in 1 week’s time

DON’T befriend the recruiter on Facebook or Twitter

DO connect with the company/recruiter on LinkedIn

DON’T restrict yourself with regards to the resources you use to find jobs

DO attend career fairs and go prepared with your resume and contact cards

DON’T sit at home waiting to be called about a job; be proactive!

DO create professional Facebook and Twitter profiles in case you are requested to provide links to these in your job application

DON’T let your confidence be knocked; always maintain a positive outlook

DO send out as many job applications each week as you can

DON’T apply for jobs that you are not genuinely interested in as this will prolong your job seeking experience


By following these simple Do’s and Don’ts you can ensure your graduate job hunting strategy starts off on the right foot in order to land the job of your dreams!

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