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Graduates and Unemployment in Africa

    Education is one of the most fundamental requirement to any individual around the world. It is the key resource that a parent can give to a child since it is an investment that cannot be eroded over a period of time.

   Education drives the world and it is this same education that has seen numerous technological advances and many discoveries take place over a period of time. What is education then? It can be defined basically as a way of teaching people various subjects related to technology, medicine, finance and many more. It is usually done at a school, college or being taught directly.

   Let us switch to Africa as a continent and see the pros and cons of education in this part of the world. A few years back the continent used to be referred to as ‘a dark continent’ not because there was no sun to light it. It was basically because politically, economically and socially the continent had not been exposed to advancement currently being witnessed. The few who had managed to acquire education and graduated well were keen to move to the western countries to look for greener pastures.

   However, despite all what the continent has gone through for a while like wars, famine, diseases and poverty, there has been light at the end of the tunnel. Proper education with defined structures and well planned curriculum has been put in place in many countries within the continent. Many children have been taken to school and graduated successfully.

   In the recent past, the continent has witnessed an explosion of many graduates being churned from many colleges and institutions of higher learning with varied skills and talents. Each year many new graduates are released to the job market . Surprisingly, these graduates have flooded the job market and now there is a problem in dealing with these learned individuals who have failed to get jobs to sustain themselves. Many have tried to look for jobs to do in vain. The job market is already saturated.  

   After failing to get meaningful employment, these graduates have now become a threat to the socio- economic well being of the society in the many nations within the continent. Vices such as violent robberies, muggings, murders, extortion , abductions and petty crimes have now threatened the stability of many nations which have been trying to crawl out from the many problems they faced. It is alarming to note that these crimes are being perpetuated by the learned within the society. More worrying is the immense knowledge they possess which if not checked, can spiral and become a monster which will later consume the same society that took them to school. It is indeed a worrying trend.

   To curb on this worrying trend, it is prudent enough for the African continent nations to come together and create investment opportunities for the many graduates in the job market who are now idle. If not checked, expect violence, demonstrations, violent regime changes among the many nations in the continent.

   Terrorism that is being perpetuated all over the world is done not by the less educated but mostly by those who had acquired proper school knowledge and graduated well.

   However, if these knowledge is well tapped and invested well, I bet that the African continent in the near future will be a place to reckon with. The graduate in Africa will no longer be seen as a blessing or a curse but will always be seen as a blessing. African graduates you can still rise again and be useful !

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