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STUDENT LIFE / JUL. 25, 2013
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Graduates Move Offshore in the Search for Better Employment Prospects

A trend has emerged over recent years with the number of UK graduates moving offshore to secure better employment opportunities.

Competition is fierce for UK graduate jobs

With the competition for UK graduate jobs stronger than ever, it has become very difficult for graduates to land their first job. As such many are taking to more attractive climates and prosperous locations to land a top job with a great employer.

Figures recently released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that 10% of those who graduated in the year 2009 failed to secure employment; however, with reports stating that an average of 70 graduate job applications are submitted for each and every graduate job in the UK, it is believable that so many are struggling to land their dream job.

Overseas opportunities bring hope to hundreds of graduates

The success an individual will have by relocating abroad to find employment will usually depend upon a number of factors, including:

·         Country

·         Education and skills of the applicant

·         Knowledge of the country’s local language

As a UK graduate, the reputation for holding a UK degree precedes is worldwide and as such, this stands graduates from UK universities in good stead when applying for jobs overseas.

Remaining inside the EU

Remaining within the European Union is an easier option for British graduates than relocating further afield as they are not required to obtain a work visa or residency permit. The main thing to consider when moving to another EU country is that the recession has hit many locations in a similar way to that of the UK. Spain and Greece for example are countries that ought to be avoided, however, EU countries including the Netherlands and Germany are quickly becoming favored by UK graduates.

Looking further afield

Australia, America, New Zealand and Canada reign top of the list with graduates seeking attractive working conditions offshore. Although local competition is high, many international companies are based in these countries and actively seek to recruit British graduates.

The visa requirements for places including New Zealand and Canada are not quite so stringent as they are for Australia for example, however, if you obtain a job offer before moving, you will find it much easier to obtain the necessary permit.

If it not a necessity to have a job offer before you travel to any of these countries as there are options for working holiday visas that graduates can take advantage of .

Fashionable trend

Graduates that have work experience in an offshore location appeal greatly to recruiters. Those who have taken the initiative to move offshore, live independently and finance their stay by working and doing an internship are highlighted by recruiters as forward thinking, motivated, committed and competitive potential employees.

Enhancing your CV with a stint abroad (provided you are working for a recognized company and holding a credible position) will significantly increase your chances of securing employment back in the UK. This is because it has become vital for graduates to stand out from the crowd, and with international internships on their CV, it becomes much easier to do so.



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