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Green Jobs - A Very Stable Future

The keys to achieving economic and social development are Green jobs and the promotion of a green economy. Increasingly, countries are developing policies and implementing strategies to reduce emissions, develop more efficient energy scenarios, and improve waste management. A broader policy agenda for climate-resilient strategies and sustainable growth that also reduces poverty is emerging. Doubtless, this has far reaching consequences for employment and the overall functioning of labor markets.

The European Green Jobs Programme promotes a practical and coherent strategy that recognizes the strong interdependence between the urgency to act on climate change and the need for social development. The analysis and policy guidance provided by the Programme contribute to the promotion of  fair globalization and the development of sustainable enterprises and economies which are efficient, socially just, and environmentally sound. The Programme contributes to regional and local initiatives by constituents for greening economies and provides a comprehensive knowledge base as well as tools for applying practical approaches.

There are more than 61 new projects in different categories, including tourism, agriculture, stockbreeding, fishing, forest protection and industry that will create 500 companies and thousands of job offers.

The main objectives of this new European Program are:

  1. To support professionals in the sustainable sector.
  2. Stimulate sustainable economic employment situation, especially in the areas of renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency, sustainable tourism, and agriculture and livestock.
  3. Promoting continuous improvement in companies that respect the environment.

To be part of these new projects you need to:

  • Have basic knowledge of environmental law
  • Feel comfortable working outdoors
  • Be able to work in a multicultural environment
  • Be creative
  • Propose your own ideas to fight against the human impact on the environment

If you have a genuine interest in following a 'green' career path, then this might be the opportunity you have been waiting for!

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