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How to Grow a Profitable Blog - 6 Tips

Whether you are an employee or college student, running a profitable blog can pad your savings account. Set aside 30 to 60 minutes daily to:

  •         Increase your passive cash flow
  •         Improve brand recognition
  •         Create a one stop shopping portal for recruiters
  •         Establish a creative outlet

Entrepreneurs, employees and students can each benefit from blogging for the above reasons. Generating cash through blogging is no easy task but if you follow simple tips you can prosper online.

Squeezing in your blogging duties each day can open doors for you. You need any competitive edge over the sea of prospects applying for increasingly dwindling job positions. Standing out from the crowd and padding your pockets are both attractive propositions for anybody interested in advancing their career.

Decide why you want to blog. Choosing to establish a mobile source of income or becoming financially free are strong drivers which push you through daunting obstacles.

Brand You

Readers buy from bloggers they know, like and trust. Brand you to stand out from the blogging crowd. What 1 aspect of your life makes you unique? What makes your heart sing? Build your blogging brand around your passion. Readers buy into a passionate, knowledgeable blogger who freely shares their experiences.

Become a master story teller. Recount experiences from your life. Relate these experiences to your niche. Travel bloggers might share how a difficult experience on the road accelerated their personal growth. Branding you instantly makes your blog more profitable because doing so increases your online exposure.

Your ad revenue, eBook sales and services rendered increase in proportion to the value you share multiplied by your online visibility.

Monetize from the Beginning

Release one crippling limiting belief suffered by most bloggers. Monetize your blog from day 1. Some bloggers believe in monetizing 4, 6 or 8 months after publishing posts daily. Leaving hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars on the table can be a frustrating experience.

Become comfortable with the idea of making money online. You have every right to make a living. Learn where to place your ads. Develop eBooks or marketing courses targeted at your niche. Grow your blogging profits by persistently opening income streams through your website.

Provide Problem-Solving Content

Provide problem-solving content to profit online. Study successful blogs in detail. Successful bloggers solve specific problems suffered by people from their niche.

Home business entrepreneurs usually struggle to generate leads. Create blog posts explaining how to increase leads through a particular channel. Nail down a specific niche. Build your blog around how to grow your home business with social media websites.  By specializing you can boost your blogging profits.

Sell Big Ticket Items

Sell big ticket items. Never make the mistake of trying to nickel and dime your way to a blogging fortune. Readers respect confident bloggers. Confident bloggers generally offer big ticket items to address some pressing need.

Stop trying to earn pennies per click. Publish a comprehensive eBook. Become an affiliate for a big ticket product. Partner with experts to boost your reputation. Increase your profit margin by selling products ranging from $20 to $50 or more.

Stay on Topic

Send a loud, clear, consistent message to your target audience. Stay on topic. Profit by telling a similar story each day. Note how large scale brands profit by doing one thing better than anybody else. Become known for doing one thing. Establish your expertise. Cash in.

Choose a niche. Cover niche topics from as many angles as possible to establish your authority. Experts run profitable blogs by learning their niche inside out and sharing their knowledge freely.


Your net worth grows as your network grows. Leverage your presence. Build a bigger blogging audience by effectively networking. Promote bloggers from your niche aggressively. Comment on relevant blogs. As your network grows you expose your blog to new readers.

Multiplying your targeted reader base boosts your blogging income. Hungry readers can become hungry buyers if you create value and meet new people persistently.

Keep at it. Build a profitable blog by embracing the ups and downs of running your website. Trudge through tough times and express gratitude for your online victories to boost your blogging cash flow.

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