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Guidelines for Keeping Your Blog Visitors Longer

The success of your online marketing blog will be determined by how long you can keep visitors on your site. Even if you receive 2,000 unique visitors daily, it will not make sense if they only spend a few seconds on your blog. It is therefore important to find a way of making people stick around longer. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to take the desired call to action. For instance, after visiting your site, you might want people to click on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Buy Now’ button. In addition, keeping visitors longer on your site will enhance the search engine ranking of your site.    

Here are some guidelines which will help you retain the attention of your visitors long enough:

1. Focus on internal links

Many online marketing sites are filled with links and affiliate banners. This can end up being counter-productive since it is likely to direct visitors away from the site. A better strategy would be to use more internal links pointing visitors to other pages on your site offering useful information. Only after visiting several pages should visitors be able to click away to an external site. WordPress users can install plugins such as Yet Another Related Posts Plugin to create relevant internal links in their blog posts.

2. Incorporate videos and images

Most people are visually stimulated and would prefer to watch a video instead of just reading a message. Therefore, including videos and images in your pages or posts can be a very effective strategy for retaining the attention of your audience. However, don’t use too many videos since they might only end up slowing down your site.

3. Improve your site’s speed

Most web users are very impatient people. If your site pages take too long to load, they will simply click away and go elsewhere. It is therefore very important to find ways of speeding up your site. WordPress users can improve the speed of their sites using plugins such as WP-Optimize, Digg Digg, W3 Total Cache, and WP Smush.itP3 (Plugin Performance Profiler).  

4. Enhance your design

The design of your site should make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. If not, they will get frustrated and click away. Preferably, your main navigation links are placed on the primary menu bar, sidebar and footer. Make sure your anchor texts are properly labeled so that visitors can know exactly where they will land. For instance, an anchor text such as ‘Click Here’ is very vague. Finally, make sure the design of your site is responsive. This will make it easier for people to access it using their mobile devices.           

5. Avoid popups

There is nothing as annoying as a popup which appears on the screen when you are trying to look at something else. Therefore, it would be advisable to avoid using popups excessively.


These are just a few tips which will help you keep visitors on your site longer. Apply them to enhance user engagement as well as your conversion rates.

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