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JOB SEARCH / AUG. 22, 2014
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Half of all Available Jobs Are not Published – How efficient is this Strategy?

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Job hunting, no doubt, is a tedious process. You tend to explore every page in a website, only to come across repeated ads for open positions. You also come across jobs that are already filled. It takes you hours to find and apply for the left over positions. But did you know that there is an equal number of jobs that are completely unadvertised? You will never know when these jobs had openings and when they were filled.

According to a study by TheLadders, only 50% of available jobs are advertised publicly. This is quite shocking when you consider that many Americans are still seeking their desired fulltime employment and many employers are struggling to find the right talents.  

What’s the catch?

From a recruiter’s prospective, there is a point. Hiring managers look for two main elements when they recruit – intent and relevance. They make faster and more accurate recruitments when there is the right job qualification and readiness to take up the job.

On the other hand, when a job opening is up for view, you get hundreds, sometime even thousands of responses. All these are from candidates eager to fill up the position, not necessarily individuals with the right skills and experience.

When a job opening is not made public and recruiters decide to search their networks for available talents, the method promises better relevancy in quicker time. However, it has a negative effect too. Several potential candidates may lack intent. By making it visible to one and all, recruiters have a better chance of finding the best prospect, instead of searching their small list of candidates. Eligible candidates from all over the world, who are looking to shift to your place, may apply to the job opening. This way, you will be finding the best ones from around the world. Though you lose a lot of time examining even the lesser qualified ones, it is still worth the time.  

Shankar Mishra, the VP of Data Science and Analytics, TheLadders, reveals that these hidden jobs are usually for higher level positions like Vice Presidents and above.

What Job Seekers need to know?

It is important to keep updating your personal brand. Irrespective of a job position, it is a great practice to highlight and keep highlighting your good points. Anything that is to be made apparent to the recruiter needs to be featured prominently. This can be featured across different networking platforms and other professional outlets.

Remember, you are looking to become one of the most preferred or most favorite candidates among thousands competing for the same position. You have to have a visible brand and without it you will be missing on half the available opportunities.

You never know when the opportunities come. By keeping your profile updated with your latest degrees acquired and other achievements, you always stand a chance to be called for better job openings, even without you applying for it. It could be the dream job you have been dying for!

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