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WORKPLACE / FEB. 26, 2016
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How to Handle a Perpetually Late Employee

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How to Respond to Your Boss About Being Late
WORKPLACE / DEC 28, 2014

From time to time, you will find yourself being unable to make it to the office in good time. Lateness could be through no fault of your own, for instance bad weather or...

How to Make Up Reasonable Excuses for Being Late
WORKPLACE / JUN 06, 2014

It happens to everyone -- arriving late for work.  You can set your alarm clock, go to bed early and even lay out your clothes the night before. Yet, circumstances before...

Racist Boss
WORKPLACE / APR 30, 2015

Despite the amount of progress we have made in recent decades, there is still a large portion of the Western population that holds racist views against whites, blacks...

How to Handle Older Subordinates
WORKPLACE / DEC 01, 2014

Dealing with older subordinates is one of the main challenges of management. Older employees are likely to doubt the wisdom of young managers, which results in lack of...

How to Handle Unhappy Customers
WORKPLACE / NOV 08, 2014

Dealing with an unhappy or angry customer is not easy. If you don’t know what to say or how to say it, you might not only lose the customer, but also your reputation...

How to Handle Interruptions in the Workplace
WORKPLACE / AUG 17, 2014

Interruptions in the workplace can wreak havoc on your efficiency and productivity. However, the reality is that no one can completely escape from interruptions in the...

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