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How To Handle Getting Fired

So, you’ve been fired or let go from your company. Now would seem to be the opportune time to scream, air your grievances, tell your colleagues off and destroy furniture all over the office. Unfortunately, this is not the way to handle being fired from the business you’ve worked at for several years.

As noted on previous occasions, it is quite difficult handling the realization that you have been fired from your job and now you’re out of work. Anxiety, stress and depression are usually some of the consequences of losing a job, which can then lead to other disastrous effects that can destroy a family, household and finances.

Instead of letting it get to you so quickly, take a deep breath, take a moment to reflect and proceed professionally. There are a number of methods to utilize once you have been handed the pink slip by your employer. Anger, resentment and uncouth behavior aren’t the answers to your woes.

Every professional should take the news with grace and viewed as an opportunity to start anew and take a different career path. You must always remember the reason why we fall down: to learn to pick ourselves back up.

Here are seven tips on how to handle getting fired:


After you have been given the bad news, spend a few extra minutes speaking with your superiors and understand the reason as to why you have been let go. This can help you perform your job better at a different firm. In addition, seeking the why can also lead to a nice a referral from a manager or supervisor at the company.

Severance and referrals

Even when you’re employed, you should understand your rights as an unemployed person. On the day you are fired, inquire with human resources about any severance packages you may be entitled to, unpaid vacation time and other benefits. Also, ask about any references and referrals you can garner from the office.

Bidding adieu

Rather than rushing out of the office in a fit of fury, say goodbye to those you have worked with over the years. Bid adieu, wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and ask to see if they can be used as a referral for any jobs you’ll apply for soon.


Once you get home and you eat your meal, spend around an hour just sitting down and reflecting upon your experience at your old employer. Think about what you have learned, all of the tasks that you accomplished on a day to day basis and how your skills can translate into a different company or perhaps even career field.

Resume and cover letters

During the next day, spend the entire morning revising and updating your resume and cover letter. Each document should not include that you were fired or let go, but rather they should just list the years of being employed, your role in the firm and your biggest successes. Only reveal this information once you are asked by a hiring manager.

Job applications

There is no need to dwell on the past for weeks. You’re unemployed and now is the time to be as active as possible in your career. For the next little while, apply to jobs on career websites or in person. Be confident, respondent, happy and professional – refrain from looking as if you lost your first born child.


If you made a lucrative salary and your lifestyle matched then take an hour during the weekend and start examining and assessing your budget. Take a look at how much you earned, how much you spend on a monthly basis and determine what you can cut back on and stretch every single penny you have in the bank. Since you’re out of work, your budget should reflect that.

Moving on is the hardest part of being fired from a job that you dedicated a large chunk of your time to. The solution is to not sink into a deep depression, but to persist in maintaining a positive frame of mind and still working hard without having a job. Hope, tenacity and confidence can land you a job even in today’s tough economy.

How did you handle getting fired from your job? Let us know in the comment section.


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