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INTERVIEWS / SEP. 10, 2015
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Harvard Career Advisor Shares the Secrets to Acing a Job Interview [Video]

As the assistant director of Career Services at Harvard University, Linda Spencer has acquired expert knowledge on recruiting and has gained access to valuable information on the kind of things employers expect to see in candidates. As such, Spencer is the perfect person to help you with your job hunting efforts. In the video above the career advisor shares some useful strategies you need to follow to ensure that you rock your next job interview.

More specifically, Spencer suggests that you follow these five simple steps:

#1 Do Your Research

You – This includes getting to really know yourself namely the things that you can and can’t do. Doing this will help you summarise your skills and relevant qualifications effective

The position – Becoming more familiar with the role will help you align your skills with the requirements of the position.

The industry – Properly researching the field you want to work in is essential as this shows employers that you are aware of the challenges or limitations of the market.

#2 Prepare Accordingly

Spencer stresses the importance of job interview preparation. Essentially she says that every job seeker should at the very least lock themselves in a room and practice their responses in front of a mirror.

#3 Make a Good Impression

There are many ways to impress employers but the first thing you should focus on is your attire and arriving early. Spencer suggests that you give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview and make sure you are as confident, energetic and friendly as you can be.

#4 Familiarise Yourself With the Interview

At this point, it might be useful to get to know the different types of interview and what they involve so that you know of what to expect. There are behavioural interviews, technical interviews, case interviews,  and even telephone and Skype interviews so make sure you prepare for any situation in advance.

#5 Establish Next Steps

Following up is as important as answering the first interview question. Before you leave, Spencer suggests that use your closing statement to help establish what the next steps are even if the interviewer doesn’t refer to them

Do you have a big job interview coming up? Why not check out this video from Harvard Extension School to listen to what Spencer has to say. Her advice might just land you your next job!

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Have you found Spencer’s advice useful? If you have anything to add that might help other jobseekers get hired, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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