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Health Care in Finland

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The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is the governmental branch that incorporate social and health services including the following services: social services, health services, pharmaceuticals, mental health and substance abuse, disability, children, young people and family, old people, client and patient rights and responsible agencies.

The primary goal of Finland health care is to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of citizens and residents in the country. Every individual residing in Finland is entitled to receive the highest level of health care offered by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The health care is divided into the following sections:


The primary health care within Finland is provided by the municipal health centers located across the country. These health centers offer health guidance with regards to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and quitting smoking. Other services include:

  • Medical care

  • Ambulance and emergency care

  • Oral health

  • School and student health

  • Mental health

  • Vaccinations

  • Maternity and child health clinics


All employers in Finland have the responsibility to provide their employees with preventative occupational health care. The main purpose of occupational health care is to promote and make sure employees are aware of:

  • Their Health, work ability and functional capacity during the stages of their career

  • The prevention of occupational accidents and diseases

  • How to have a safe and healthy work environment


Finland offers private health care in order to supplement the social and health services in the country. The primary areas of private health care include physiotherapy, doctors, dentists, occupational health care and laboratory services. Commonly utilized private social care services include the following:

  • Housing services

  • Child care services

  • Institutional services

  • Family care for children and young people

  • Home services

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