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Here's the Secret to Using Your Interview Anxiety to Your Advantage


You would expect that we’d all be super excited to go to job interviews considering that job search is a difficult game to play and being called in for an interview doesn’t happen too often. However, most of us get super anxious before an interview which messes up with our prep for the interview, while some of us even get anxious during the interview which inevitably ruins the whole interview process.

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But you shouldn’t fall into the trap of letting your interview nerves get in the way of making a great impression. You can actually use your interview anxiety to your advantage and I’m here to tell you how.

1. Acknowledge Your Anxiety

One of the mistakes we often make when we are nervous is that we try to push past our anxiety; we pretend that it’s not there and try to get on with our plans as usual. But that’s a mistake, like it or not, anxiety is there so, the secret to using your interview anxiety to your advantage is to acknowledge that it’s there. Accept its presence and decide that you are going to have to deal with it. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to make it disappear especially if you are an anxious person by nature, but by acknowledging its presence you can come to terms with it.

2. Plan Ahead

be prepard

The problem with anxiety is that it messes up with our brains. If you are a generally verbose person but have interview jitters, you probably won’t be able to say a sentence straight if you leave your brain to its own devices. In order to avoid that you need to prepare for the interview.

More often than not it helps to know what to expect. This helps keep your anxiety at bay and it also makes you more confident. Therefore, what you need to do when you have an interview coming up is to read up. Research the company you want to work for, research job interview questions and familiarize yourself with anything that might be asked during the job interview.

3. Prepare Your Answers

After you’ve familiarized yourself with what could be asked during the job interview, you need to think ahead of how you are going to answer those questions. Don’t learn the answers off by heart of course because this will make you even more anxious; simply know more or less what you need to say to each question.  Even if you are super anxious, this will help you as you will know what to say and you won’t stress over sounding professional or coming up with great answers.

4. Be Aware That Interviewers Might Deviate From the Usual Path

Halt and Catch Fire

The key to dealing with anxiety is foreseeing all possible outcomes and in terms of the job interview this essentially means that you might not be able to predict all the questions you might be asked, or that the interviewers might deviate from the path and start asking you different questions. In order to keep your anxiety in check you need to anticipate this turn and not get panicked by it. The more prepared you are that it will inevitably happen, the less anxious it will make you when it actually does.

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If you are an anxious person in general, you probably won’t be able to fight your nerves. What you can do to guarantee success is to acknowledge that you will be nervous and find ways to keep the anxiety at bay.

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