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Hilarious Video: Family Dollar Manager ‘Attacks’ Shoplifters with Febreze Spray

Apparently, when you steal Febreze at Family Dollar, a discount retailer in the US, you get Febreze to the face! That’s what happened to a group of women who were alleged caught for stealing Febreze sprays by the store manager, Gavyn Edlinger in Saginaw, Michigan. 

In this video which has been spread virally and has received over a million views, Edlinger confronts the women in the parking lot of the store. Interestingly, he doesn’t merely yell at the half-open window. The passenger gets out as well as the woman in the back seat and when they go back to their car after a screaming fight, he decided to go over to their window and spray Febreze on them!

Mr. Edlinger called 911 and was instructed to see if he could get the woman’s license plate number. He followed the alleged shoplifter out of the store. Suddenly, Edlinger and the woman got into a heated argument. It seemed like it might be over, but then the Family Dollar employee sprayed Febreze at the woman – one of whom is visibly pregnant – and basically had a meltdown, something Mr. Edlinger admits.

"You maced her!" one woman repeatedly yells, while the other cries that she can’t see.

The video lead to his firing…

The video featuring the argument between the manager and the alleged shoplifters led to Edlinger’s firing from the Saginaw store. The senior management must not have been a fan of Edlinger’s anti-shoplifting tactics so they fired him six days after the incident took place.

In a TMZ interview, Family Dollar’s former manager said that although he felt the incident was unfortunate, he didn’t think his actions were completely out of line. "I would never want to create harm to anyone," said Edlinger. "But at the end of the day, I’m a hardworking guy. I worked my way up to be a salaried store manager with that company. I don’t regret it. Girl, you needed some Febreze!"

Edlinger added that Family Dollar cited no specific reasons for his termination besides from the incident seen in the video. He’s currently looking for work.

Despite the negative experience, Edlinger is eager to get back to work. "I have not had any offers," he said. "Hopefully Febreze might want to offer me a commercial."

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