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How to Hire for Social Media Roles

As a relatively new job position, social media is opening all kinds of doors for creative, dynamic and enthusiastic individuals. Companies are integrating the vast demand of social media by incorporating it within their marketing and advertising strategies, thus opening opportunities for job seekers. Managing a personal brand online is completely different to managing it for a business, it is therefore important that employers carefully consider applicants before they offer them the position to become the public voice of their company.

Here are some points to think about before you hire an individual in social media:

Professional, Not Personal 

While most candidates in today’s day and age are fluent in social media applications and usage, it is important that your gauge their abilities on their proficiency in terms of managing a brand. Even though this is a new job market, there are many candidates who are able to portray themselves as efficient in social media – but are unable to deliver in terms of business branding and content management. Base your hiring decision on their professional capabilities, rather than personal influence.

Ask For Evidence

It may be tricky, but you should ask the candidate for evidence of their experience. Check the pages that they have previously managed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to view their approach to social media and what specific tools they employ to be efficient and effective. Ask them about their preferred method of research and approach to campaigns. This is the only way you can determine whether or not they can manage your brand.

Give a Test

Role play, group interviews and aptitude tests can provide you with a good insight into the candidate’s personality, but you need to know about their skills and abilities as well. Don’t take their word for it, instead put them to a test by asking them to come up with a social media campaign for your project. Putting them on the spot during an interview or earlier stage will help you see how they identify with the project and execute it.

Think Of Company Fit

Hiring can be challenging and difficult, this is why many companies implement extensive testing and interviews to find the perfect employee – with many failing to do so even with that! This is why you need to carefully consider the candidate’s abilities in terms of social media and your own company brand. Recruit individuals who show a passion for social media, and are creative in their approach – rather than someone who is set in their ways and cannot adapt to your company culture. 

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