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Hiring the Right Person

The hiring procedure is a challenging task and it is therefore important to be meticulous during this process, for ultimate recruitment success. Hiring the right person enhances company development and progression and facilitates day-to-day operations significantly. It ignites a positive atmosphere into the department or office, and encourages a passion and drive amongst employees to achieve daily success. It is therefore advised to be diligent and scrupulous during the hiring procedure, for ultimate company success.

Knowing your team

When hiring, have in mind that you are aspiring to build up a core, passionate group of individuals who will create your team. You do not want to hire mediocre candidates who will do an ‘okay’ job; you want to employ outstanding candidates who are able to drive the company in the right direction and who care about the present and future stance of the company.

Mediocre employees sap the energy out of the rest of your co-workers. They reduce morale and inflict a negative energy throughout the entire office. Avoid hiring weak employees and you will avoid infecting your department/office with negativity. You are thus looking for particular qualities in candidates that will fit with your company’s ethics, and these must be acknowledged beforehand. This will facilitate the process and give you an indication of who is right or wrong for the position early on.

Conducting the search

The cost of a miss-hire is huge and thus avoiding it is crucial. Hire slowly and hire with care. Although many recruiters believe that the longer they are recruiting for the more costly the procedure will be, this is incorrect. The cost of a miss-hire is far greater, as it involves costly compensation packages, recruitment expenses, management time, placement fees, disruption to a department, going through the recruitment process again, and so on. All of these factors are far more detrimental than a lengthy but successful hiring process.

Whilst recruiting, be sure to look for candidates that have all of the attributes that you are looking for. The common consensus is: the more expensive the job, the slower the hire. It is fundamental to find the right candidate in a longer amount of time. Search through many CVs and interview lots of candidates. Filter your search accordingly and take the time to do further tests and background checks on those candidates that appear promising. Ask a trusting member of your team to accompany you to second or third interviews. Ask for their opinions and value their opinions. Be fully prepared for the interview process, ask the candidate plenty of questions and do not be afraid to ask for clarification. If the candidate seems promising, obtain reliable references that will assist you in making a decision.

Making the decision

Know when you have gathered enough information to make a comprehensive evaluation of the competency of the candidate overall. Oftentimes, one’s instinct is stronger than the writing on a page, so if something bothers you about a candidate, there is probably something wrong. Hire candidates with all the right attributes to successfully fit into your department. Hire candidates who have a proven reputation for being motivated, hardworking, and for getting the job done.

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