STUDENT LIFE / JUL. 03, 2014
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Holland: Getting a Degree in the Land of Art, Science, Innovation, and Canals

If you are thinking about doing your master or PhD degree abroad, why not consider studying in Holland? On the downside of it, you might be afraid that the winter will be too cold, that it will rain too much, or that you might easily get hit with a bicycle. Yet, positive sides outweigh the negative ones by large, and if you are not sure about it, just watch the video. 

This innovative video, made by, successfully explains why taking a degree in Holland is an ideal option. It presents a picture of Holland as an economical and cultural center of the world which gave rise to important artists, philosophers, scientists, and architects throughout the ages. It offers students a choice of 14 research universities and 40 universities of applied sciences, where the focus is on opinion-sharing, debating, and creating innovative solutions for modern challenges. Students learn next to some of the most productive researchers in the world, being privileged to enjoy high-quality education, academic diversity, and excellent research opportunities. Some other benefits of studying in Holland are:

  • Everybody speaks English
  • Dutch are open-minded, freedom loving, and tolerant toward foreigners
  • You can choose among 400 different English study programs
  • Universities offer informal environment where students can share and debate insights
  • Dutch are well-known for advances in nanotechnology, renewable energy, medicine, water management, and architecture
  • Holland offers a great culture and an intellectually challenging environment
  • You will enjoy great diversity, high quality education, and excellent research opportunities

Prepare to get captivated! The video will provide you with an almost real time experience of Holland and it will make you want to go there immediately. 

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