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How 3 People Used Their Blogs to Get Jobs

People are often –not always, but often- rewarded for their creativity, and as of late, creativity has started being valued a whole lot more in the workplace. This is why employers are now looking to employ innovative individuals, who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. And though you might say blogging is not challenging the status quo, I would argue that it is when it comes to getting a job, because you wouldn’t always expect a candidate to have his or her own blog.

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We’ve often been told that in order to get a job you need academic achievements, skills and qualifications. However, lots of people who possess these traits would tell you that getting a job is still impossible, while others, who may lack some of these traditional skills, find jobs much easier, and that’s because whatever they lack in education or qualifications they make up in creativity and forward thinking.

Even if you have a CV that’s to die for, or write a killer cover letter, getting a job might still prove to be hard and that’s because employers are looking for something fresh. They want to be wowed by candidates and that’s why you need to employ your creativity with each new application you sent. Although, it should be said, that you shouldn’t only reserve your creativity for when you are applying for a job. Instead, you should make sure that you build your brand independently of job applications. This way, when you send in an application you can present the hiring manager with a holistic image of yourself: that of a professional committed to their cause.

Therefore, make sure that you take the time to invest in your interests if you are planning on making a career out of them. Some people have found that blogging about their passion was more helpful in getting a job than their degree was. Read their stories and be inspired:

1. Anna Rice: The Blonde Banana


Anna Rice had a background in public relations, but what she was truly passionate about was travelling. So she started a travel blog. Her blog was innovative and fun.

So while Anna was blogging, she decided that she wanted to get a job that would somehow relate to her true passion, so she found a PR agency that did a bit of everything, including travelling. She sent them her CV and cover letter with a link to her blog and then she got a call for an interview.

Although the company was interested in hiring someone, they hadn’t posted the position anywhere, so it was simply by sheer luck that she got the opportunity to interview with this agency. Luck and her blog, because the hiring manager was so impressed by her blog, meant that the hiring manager wanted to meet her in person.

Anna’s plan worked and she now has her dream job.

2. Allison Hitz: The Book Wheel

woman reading a book

Allison Hitz was another recent grad with no luck in getting a job, despite the fact that she had two internships relevant to her degree under her belt. Her job search was getting tedious, so she decided to have a look at the publishing industry to see if she could get a job in that industry.

She’d been running a blog about books for a few years and she was hoping that her experience with her blog would count for something. And indeed it did, because before long, Allison landed a job in the publishing industry.

Her blog has received numerous awards from literary organizations.

3. Jonathan Alonso: Jongeek

businessman having a coffee

Jonathan Alonso was yet another job seeker with experience and qualifications who couldn’t get a job. Being internet savvy, he decided to start a blog that he would update while he was job hunting. His blog centred on SEO matters and marketing strategies, so when he was asked in for interviews, he would bring his blog up and discuss strategies and SEO. Referring employers to his blog to read more on his views and strategies got him a job before long.

Today, Jonathan is an SEO analyst and he says that his blog really helped him with not only getting a job but also with getting a job in the industry he wanted.

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Sometimes job seeking can be fun but only if you let your creativity loose. So don’t shy away from your true potential.

Has your blog helped you in any way to get a job? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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