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How Being a Quitter Can Make You a Good Entrepreneur

When you look at entrepreneurs like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, you can’t help but think that they had it all figured out the day they were born. To us common folks, it seems like they spent their entire lives going after one specific goal and that their path to success was pretty straightforward but, in reality, it wasn’t. I mean, did you think that their lives were easier than yours? Or that they didn’t have any social responsibilities they needed to take care of? No, of course not; but they did have to make room in their lives for what they wanted the most. In short, they were hungry for success.

However, even these guys didn’t know what the future had planned out for them. In an attempt to make everything work out, they chose to embrace the uncertainty of the opportunity that was presented to them and took a giant leap of faith. As a result, they experimented a lot and failed multiple times.

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You’re probably wondering how they reached to the top after having said “I quit!” so often in their careers. Most of the world’s successful CEOs decided that they needed to get rid of what wasn’t working for them and sucking their energy, money and resources, by cutting their workload down to those things that mattered. So, despite popular belief that “quitters never win”, who are often seen as incompetent and weak, there’s evidence that proves otherwise.

Quitting Can Be Liberating

Bill Gates talking

"To be honest, I don’t even know how I did it."


In 2000, Bill Gates stepped down as Microsoft’s CEO in order to become the company’s Chief Software Architect and to devote his time to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation he founded with his wife back in 2000. Gate’s decision to leave the big tech company wasn’t easy, but was necessary at the time to allow him to work on the projects he considered more important.

What leads entrepreneurs to quit in one way or another is the fact that they handle multiple projects simultaneously. In many cases, doing everything at once doesn’t always work and the sooner you learn that, the quicker you can crack into the business mindset. You might have a lot of things on your plate, or maintaining multiple blogs might just be too much for you. Likewise, trying to build a startup company from scratch while still running errands for your day job can be extremely difficult. But does that mean you really have to quit your job in order to succeed?

The idea of “quitting to win” is when you can confidently say you have had the opportunity to try different things throughout your career. As such, you also had the chance to say whether you liked them or not. So what if you went to university and studied something that you no longer enjoy? What if you tested your skills in an entirely different industry that just wasn’t right for you? You now have the chance to create something on your own, putting your own ideas into creating your own job or even a company.

Consider Going All In

James bond casino

Sometimes going all in is the best way to win, even if the odds are against you.


In an attempt to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to do what poker players do and “go all in”. By placing all of their bets on that very last draw of cards, they give themselves an incredible chance of winning. In your case, this would mean that you should put all your efforts into that one thing that you know you are destined to do, in order to increase your chances of success in that specific field. Gurbaksh Chahal, founder and CEO of RadiumOne, supports this strategy, adding the importance of concentrating on one goal at a time:

“Many people believe they can take that entrepreneurial leap and still keep their day job, but would you be happy if you achieved only 50 percent of your goal – half a dream? If you don’t go all in and let your intuition guide you on which risks to take, then I say don’t go in at all.”

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Both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg knew only too well that formal education wasn’t for them and so they dropped out of university altogether to invest in their vision. Turns out it was the best decision they ever made! This makes it clear enough that, as far as it concerns succeeding, you are more than allowed to say “no” wherever you feel like quitting, if that’s meant to help you reach your goals.

Quitting though isn’t just about focusing on what you enjoy doing the most. In the business world, entrepreneurs quit because they are often concerned about their overall performance and spending time wisely. If they are too busy with other projects, they won’t be able to find time for their business, thus prioritizing is important. In order to make it all happen, you should first ascertain what you should and shouldn’t do to become a successful entrepreneur.

As it turns out, quitting isn’t a sign of weakness. In many ways, it actually proves the complete opposite as quitters know what they do and do not want out of their lives. They are the people who have thoroughly explored their interests and discovered their true calling. Even the most determined people quit because they know they have the right to do so and they are not afraid of taking risks, which is an important asset for every successful entrepreneur.

In the end, quitters do indeed win. As Fizzle’s cofounder Caleb Wojcik says, “Sometimes the biggest winners are the ones that quit all the time.” Those who dare to say they have tried and failed should be proud enough for not having to say that they never tried at all. Celebrating the failures in your life is essential as it teaches you valuable lessons in terms of self-development.

If you haven’t quit at least once in your life, it means you didn’t spend much time challenging yourself. Essentially, quitting means “I have been there, done that, but didn’t like it” and it’s now time to move on. That’s just how it goes!

What do you guys think? Can quitting help you develop yourself into a successful entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments section below!

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