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How Brands Can Work With Influential Bloggers

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Nowadays, blogging has become a common buzzword on the internet. There are thousands of blogs out there covering almost every topic imaginable. Many blogs have become trusted sources of information and have built a great following over time. As a result, many companies are now looking for ways of working with influential bloggers to promote their brands. Here are some of the ways bloggers and brands can connect:

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1. Product reviews

A product review is basically a write-up which describes the features and benefits of a specific product. Most people take time to read online reviews before buying anything. Therefore, one of the best ways of enhancing your chances of selling is to get a well-known blogger to write your product reviews. Since the blogger is an authority in your niche, people are more likely to listen to his opinion when making a purchasing decision.

2. Giveaways

To get your customers and prospects thrilled about your brand, you could ask a blogger to run a giveaway. This could significantly grow your email newsletter subscriber list, as well as social media following. Be sure to work with a blogger that is passionate about your brand’s niche. When selecting a prize, make sure you pick something that the readers will find valuable. Since the blogger knows his readers best, you could consult them about the appropriate prizes. To achieve your brand’s goals, participants should be required to take certain actions. For example, if you want to increase your Facebook following, participants should be asked to like your page before entering the giveaway.

3. Sponsored ad space

Sponsored ad space can be a very powerful strategy for increasing awareness about your brand. Instead of just buying ad space from an ad network, it would be advisable to go directly to an established blogger. Working directly with a blogger allows you to have control over where your ad appears. Having your ad appearing in the right blog can have a great impact on your reach and sales. However, be sure to monitor your analytics on a regular basis. This will show you whether your investment is worth it or not.

4. Gifting goods

Once in a while, you could consider giving gifts to some bloggers in your niche. This could be your latest products or complementary services. If they like what they get, they might just write something about your brand. However, gifting goods does not guarantee you exposure. Some bloggers might still want to be paid to before promoting you on their blogs or social media pages. Therefore, before sending out anything, it would be advisable to get in touch with the blogger to agree on the specifics.

5. Sponsored posts

At times, a company could pay a blogger to write content about their brand. Such a post is referred to as a sponsored post. The best thing about such posts is that the blogger has the freedom to write in a way that appeals to their readers. However, a small note should be added on the post to show that it was sponsored by the brand.

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These are just some of the benefits brands can derive from working with influential bloggers. Do you have any more we missed? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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