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How Does a Terrible Boss Really Affect You?

It’s no secret that many people hate their jobs, and bad bosses happen to be one of the top causes alongside crappy salaries and poor company culture. In fact, recent research from the American Psychological Association found that 75% of workers in the US recognize their bad boss as the worst aspect of their job- a truly disturbing statistic. But just how badly does a horrible boss really affect you?

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1. It Stresses You Out

Forbes reports that that the World Health Organization estimates that workplace stress, costs businesses across the US a staggering $300 billion per year, and understandably so, considering that 83% of workers said they were stressed out at work. And one of the main culprits is none other than a micromanaging, dismissive, and aggressive boss.

2. It Can Carry Over Into Your Personal Life

Having a bad boss has a domino effect in your personal life. You get unfairly yelled at by your boss for handing in your report 19 whole seconds after the imposed deadline, who calls you “unprofessional”, “unreliable”, and “lazy”. You’d yell back if you could, but you know you’d swiftly be shown the door. So, you keep your mouth shut – until you get home where you start blowing off steam in your wife and kids’ direction, gradually damaging your personal relationships. In effect, your boss is not only bad for you, but for your family, too.

3. It Can Make You Sick

A terrible boss creates a toxic work environment which can, in turn, cause stress (as mentioned earlier) and cardiovascular disease. In fact, a 2012 study found that women in high-stress jobs were 38% more likely to suffer a cardiovascular event.

Workplace stress can also make it harder for your body to keep your allergies or asthma under control, and even be responsible for the common cold, according to another 2012 study. Moreover, researchers from the Harvard Business Institute and Stanford University found that your supervisor could be just as bad for you as secondhand smoke, as reported in Quartz. A crappy manager could also impact your mental health and cause depression, according to a 2013 Danish study.

4. It Could Hurt Your Career

Have your eye on that super awesome promotion? Chances are your boss won’t give it you if he’s a jerk. Even if you work really hard and put in extra hours every day, he might choose to ignore your achievements and pass you up for a very much deserved promotion. Indeed, two in 10 workers say that their manager had hurt their career in some way.

5. It Can Make You Fat

That’s right: as if stress, depression, and damaging your chances for career advancement weren’t reason enough to hate your boss, he can also be the reason behind your increased appetite and, yes, your love handles. And lest you need reminding, the health effects of obesity include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease, and death.

6. It Can Rub Off on You

There was a good reason your parents didn’t want you hanging out with a particular group of friends when you were kid: bad behavior can be infectious. Likewise, your boss’ behavior could go viral in the office and rub off on you. Next thing you know, you’re acting exactly how your boss acts – you might as well take a pen and cross your name off of your colleagues’ Christmas card list!

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Do you have a terrible boss? How has that affected you personally and professionally? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

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