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WEB & TECH / APR. 22, 2015
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How Does Google Work?

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your posts, tweets or blogs once you press the submit button, wonder no more. This infographic gives you a visual walk-through of what happens when you post anything, in full “gory” detail: from indexing through to ranking and delivery. Here are a few interesting nuggets from the infographic:

It all starts with the web, made up of over 60 trillion individual pages. There are several search engines, but what sets Google apart is how it ranks these pages:

How Google Works:

  • Google crawls the web by following links from page to page
  • Google will only visit the pages it’s invited to: it won’t visit if you use a robots.txt
  • A page’s overall authority is based on the quality of its links and other ‘secret’ factors (algorithms)
  • Search relevance and content quality are fundamental to ranking. And the more links you have from “high authority” pages, the higher your ranking. Google’s trademarked algorithm, called PageRank, assigns a relevancy score to each web page
  • Spam and pirated content are hunted down and taken out by Google, and behaviours such as anchor text manipulation can result in a website being removed from search results
  • Pages and ads are subject to Google’s editorial policy – ads operating outside the policy will probably have their accounts banned
  • Google uses algorithms to try and work out search intention
  • Search results are generated in under a second.

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Given the central role of Google in all of our lives, it helps to know how it works – even if not all the information is revealed to us.

Do you think the infographic misses out anything? Are you surprised by anything in it? Let me know in the comment box below.

Google Search
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