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How Every Entrepreneur Can Step Up Their Skill Set (Even If You’re Already Running a Biz)

Every entrepreneur can benefit from learning new skills, whether you’ve been in business for 6 months or 5 years. If you are the owner of a relatively new business, you can always afford to step up your skill set and truly learn the ropes of the business world. Some business owners think they don’t have the time to take classes or teach themselves, but the truth is there are so many new resources available to help entrepreneurs improve their skills even while they are running a business. The perfect way to hone your skills and develop new techniques to build your business is by taking advantage of widely-available resources designed for business owners today. Read on to learn about a few resources to help even the busiest of entrepreneurs step up their skills:


Coursera is an educational resource that offers courses from the top colleges and universities around the world, for free. More than 800 courses provide any entrepreneur the opportunity to learn new skills or brush up on existing skills while still operating their business at the same time. Among the courses that Coursera offers are:

  • Computer Science
  • Business and Management
  • Systems and Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Statistics and Data Analysis

Coursera also offers specializations, including Introduction to Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Cyber Security. If you aren’t fully confident in your skills or knowledge in any of the areas above, Coursera can help catch you up—and for free!


MOOC, or Massive Open Online Courses, has an extensive list of free courses that universities around the world offer. You can check the listings by specific criteria, including the university that offers the course, country, language, or category. Among the free courses on the list are:

  • Computer Systems
  • Security and Networking
  • Business and Management
  • Economics and Finance

Check out the MOOC List to find the resources you need to build upon your existing business skills, or learn new skills from the beginning.


A variety of online workshops are available through SCORE, a non-profit organization that provides services to small business free of charge or at low cost. The organization gets its support from the Small Business Administration. SCORE offers a variety of resources on starting a business including start-up guides, financing, contracts, franchising, growing a green business, and franchising. You can learn effective marketing strategies, financial aspects of the business and running a business online using new technology.


BizLaunch hosts webinars and offers videos about marketing, social media, sales, finance, and business management. You can register on the website for any upcoming webinars, and watch past webinars that may help to grow your business. Past webinar topics include:

  • Secrets to Building a Small Business
  • Successful Online and Offline Networking
  • Be a Local Standout with SEO
  • Free Publicity for Your Business With Simple Strategies
  • Getting Listed and Found Faster

Free, online resources are an invaluable way to learn about all aspects of owning and operating a business, even if you’re already running one. You can learn about marketing, accounting, business management, and a diverse number of topics without ever leaving your office. Using outside resources can help to step up your business skill set, making you a better business owner and a more confident businessman or -woman. The information for this article was provided by the professionals at ACU who provide an organizational development master’s degree for working professionals who want to improve their management and leadership skills.

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