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How Facebook Atlas can Change your Business

With the growing trend of smartphones and tablet use, it is important to optimize ads and marketing strategies to suit the trend. Facebook launched an ad analysis platform that will impact the way advertisers and marketers work. Facebook Atlas enables advertisers to campaign across all devices, platforms and publishers. The launch of Facebook Atlas has promised to bring numerous benefits to your business:

Connect with Customers

One feature that stands out from this software product is the people-based marketing. Facebook Atlas will enable you to target, serve and measure ads seamlessly. You can measure which ads that certain users have displayed while browsing. Then you can use that information and link it to their profile. Facebook Atlas will follow the user’s interactions with Facebook and other third-party sites. Consequently, you get a better understanding of what users see, which ads they view and how they act upon them. This is the notion of people-based marketing. You can connect with users and understand the actions they take on ads.

Link Online Presence to Offline Activities

This concept may seem confusing, and you may wonder how it works. To understand this concept, think of customers coming to buy products from your store. You then ask them to sign up for your mailing list and in doing so; they leave their phone number and email address. A business using Facebook Atlas will be able to use this information and match it to the customers’ profiles. The business can then use Facebook Atlas to know if there was an ad that the customers saw and triggered them to come to the store. It becomes a possibility because Facebook Atlas tracks people and not cookies. With this innovative ad measuring tool, you can be able to do the same.

Improve Business Advertising and Marketing

Cookies are the major hindrance when it comes to mobile device advertising. Websites drop cookies when a user browses. The cookies store the user’s activity on the website’s server, and if the user revisits the website, the server will know which elements the user may be seeking. Advertisers can then tailor their ads to target specific customers. However, they do not give accurate and reliable data. Due to this drawback, Facebook Atlas does not use this approach, but uses the people-based marketing concept. It allows you to track activities across a variety of devices. Advertiser and marketers can now extend their activities to a broader customer base.

Sell Services Online

Facebook Atlas can also help you sell and purchase ad space to advertisers. It will aid marketers to target ads to a user on other websites. As you use Facebook Atlas you will realize the benefits of people based marketing. It will prompt you to take action on the insights and buying ads will soon become a venture on Facebook. Facebook Atlas benefits will convince businesses that buying ads increases sales, and this will offer you an opportunity to sell.

Facebook Atlas highlights the fact that social networks are changing the way people understand and implement digital marketing. This ad measuring software is bound to transform the way advertisers and marketers go about their businesses.



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