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How Google Glass Could Potentially Impact the Future of Business

When most people think of Google Glass, they usually think of it as a novelty. Google’s attempts to market it to the general public didn’t go as well as they had hoped, but many in the business world seem to think it could make a multitude of tasks more efficient.

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1. Overview of All Those Apps

The buzz continues to increase about the various apps that it has, and the list seems to be growing. Some of the apps are pretty widely known. While the general public may be most interested in the social networking apps, checking their e-mail, maps, video recording, entertainment, restaurant recommendations, and maybe even locating a nearby place of worship if you happen to be out of town and interested to visit one, corporate America has its eyes set on the concept of Google Glass from a bit of a different angle.

2. Google Glass in the Medical Industry

It’s quite fascinating to look at all the ways that Google Glass is bringing efficiency and even a higher level of quality to the healthcare industry. One of the most time consuming things that doctors have to do is dictation and making notes in patient charts. In fact, it’s not unusual for this task to be delegated to an assistant.

But Google Glass will allow doctors to perform virtual dictation, and also access notes from a patient’s EHRs (Electronic Health Records) hands-free and without having to use a PC or laptop. Other time-saving items for which Google Glass can be programmed include telemedicine (generally from doctor to doctor), resident training, augmented reality, EMS communications (for EMTs and Paramedics to doctors and vice versa), surgical training, improved rounds and much more.

3. Google Glass in the Financial Industry

The financial industry found a use for it when it was still in the testing stage. At the time, Google Glass only offered investors a heads-up on stock indexes, with an eventual goal that included options for researching stock quotes and getting important information about companies and their portfolios quickly.

Today, it does those things plus there is a bank in Spain that partnered with it so that it can show people where the nearest ATM is and let people view their on-line account. If Google Glass and PayPal were to hook up and use a Smartphone-type PayPal app similar to what is already being offering to some Smartphone owners, we’d be another step closer to that simplified cashless society that everyone has been told is coming.

4. Google Glass and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement is another industry that began to explore using Google Glass before it was really publically released. If police departments decide to actually use Google Glass over the course of a typical day for police officers, it could potentially take the place of dash cameras in their vehicles.

It could also offer accuracy and better protection in a hostile situation where weapons are needed; give faster access to criminal records and determination as to whether or not there is a warrant out for someone’s arrest to name just a few possibilities.

5. Google Glass and Call Centers

Call center work is one of the most stressful jobs that a person can have. Multitasking between phone, computer and calming cranky customers has multiple challenges, so a hands free device in a call center work environment such as Google Glass would likely be highly appreciated by the average rep. Toggling between the customer’s account and web browsing are features that would make them more efficient, as well as potentially speeding up call handling times so that more people can be served more quickly.

6. Consumer Competition for Google Glass

Google Glass doesn’t have the market cornered with their idea. A company called Apx Labs has teamed up with Epson and Android to fill what they see as a growing niche in businesses that store physical products in large warehouses. With Google Glass-like technology, Apx and Epson are considering how a warehouse worker’s life might be easier and a company’s bottom line might be broader if that type of technology were available to help employees locate products that needed to be picked, packed and shipped.

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The above barely scratches the surface in relation to all the ways in which Google Glass is changing how business is done. It will be interesting to watch how it grows and continues to impact both blue collar and white collar businesses over the next few years.

Have you used Google Glass? Do you think that it will change the way you work?

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