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How High School & College Students Can Become Top Students

Are you a student who has struggled throughout most of secondary school and now you want to become a top student in college? Or do you have a child that continues to misbehave and consistently garners failing marks in college? Although it can be quite trying, becoming a top student is achievable. 

The reasons behind a bad students performance often stem from their residential atmosphere, a lack of solid parenting and very little direction and boundaries placed upon the individual. With that being said, these reasons don’t have to be just an excuse for a bad student to persist in showing no interest in education. 

In other cases, a bad high school or college student simply cannot fathom the reading material or subject(s) at all, no matter how hard they try. They may be standing up straight and flying right, but for one reason or another they fail to show any progress in mathematics, history or English. This could be the result of inadequate studying habits, irresponsibility and persistent procrastination. 

Here are seven ways high school and college students can become top students: 

1. Home Organization 

A student’s room should be their fortress of solitude, a living space whereby it’s peaceful, quiet, clean, well-kept and organized. Once a room mimics these attributes, then it becomes a lot easier to read, study and complete assignments. If the television is on all the time, the radio is blaring rock music and the smartphone continues to send Facebook updates, then a child can never get anything done. 

2. Materials 

For many students, their lack of good grades can be the cause of bad personal financial habits or their parents’ neglecting to purchase the necessary materials and equipment to excel at school. Whether you’re in high school relying on your parents or in college depending upon yourself (and your student loans), it’s imperative to have the required materials and computers to do well. Low on funds? Go to the dollar store, check out sales and look on Amazon or Walmart. 

3. Notes 

It’s interesting that schooling has been a common element to society for nearly a century, but note taking is still a crucial task to perform on a daily basis at school, regardless of how archaic it may be. However, taking notes and reading them are the important chores to do at school, because this is what tests are founded upon. Moving forward, take proper notes and read them during your study time (see below) and whenever you have free time. 

4. Schedule 

A set schedule can get you into a routine. Instead of studying a chapter whenever you feel like it, establish a set time for your studies every afternoon or evening. For instance, when you arrive home from school, relax, clean up, eat and spend time with your family. Once this is done, spend the remainder of the evening catching up on some reading, reviewing your notes and completing assignments. 

5. Rest 

Getting only three hours of sleep each night won’t help your physical or mental health one bit, and thus hurt your grades and diminishes your experience at school. Rather than cramming at night for several hours or playing video games after midnight, try to get eight hours of sleep, and perhaps attempt to take a nap when you get home from school. 

6. Attention 

There are so many distractions at school today: mobile devices, disruptive students and perhaps an irritating teacher. However, paying attention is key to understanding something you didn’t really know before. You should refrain from playing with your smartphone, checking Twitter on your tablet or purchasing an item on Amazon with your laptop. Take notes, listen to your professor and review. 

7. Nutrition 

You’re not you when you’re hungry (thanks Snickers!) When you’re hungry, all you think about is food, and what you wish you could be munching on right now. Usually, top students will often have their plentiful breakfast before heading to school and a nice dinner all set up when they return home. Some bad students may not have this. Whenever possible, be sure to consume nutritious foods and beverages (nuts, soy beverages, fruit and vegetables) at all times of the day. 

It’s hard being a student today, especially one with good grades because an educational facility has greatly changed in the last decade alone. However, it is feasible for a student with C- and D-grades to transform into a student regularly churning out A’s and B’s. Persistence, a revision in your routine and health improvements can get you those grades you have so desperately wanted since elementary school. 


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