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SOCIAL MEDIA / APR. 06, 2015
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How Job Seekers Are Using Social Media and Mobile in 2015


Social recruiting platform Jobvite has recently released its sixth annual Job Seeker Nation Study, which reveals how job seekers are using social media in their job search. The study also brings factors such as trends in job tenure, compensation, work-life balance and reasons for leaving employment into the spotlight to reveal a fascinating picture of contemporary job searching. Below is a short summary of the key highlights from the study, but you can read the full report here.

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Facebook is king amongst job seekers

When it comes to looking for work, social networks are not all created equal. Facebook remains the firm favourite for job seekers (67%) followed by Twitter at 45%, while for recruiters, LinkedIn remains the platform of choice. However, Instagram (31%), Pinterest (25%) and Snapchat (17%) are on the rise amongst job seekers.

Job applicants exaggerate their skills

Nearly a third of job seekers engage in ‘skill inflation’ on Twitter, and 27% of job seekers said that they made up job references on Facebook. This behaviour is more prevalent in men than in women. Moreover, highly educated applicants were found to be more likely to lie about their qualifications compared with less well-educated applicants.

Mobile is gaining traction in the job search process

Nearly half of Millennials use mobile in their job search (47%). Tech job seekers and Millennials update their Twitter profiles more frequently than any other group, and Millennials use mobile the most in their job search. Around a third of job seekers (32%) devote up to ten minutes searching for a job on their mobile phones.

Social media is used as research tool

Social media is used most by young, educated people to gain information about the skills of current employees at the company of interest to them. Baby boomers, by contrast, do not use either Facebook or LinkedIn as much to their advantage, i.e.: they do not leverage the benefits of the platforms to build relationships and make new connections.

There is a correlation between earning power and the importance of culture

Those who make more money (>$75K) tend to place more importance on the culture of a company, and will use a plethora of social networks to ascertain the culture of the company in which they are interested. Facebook is the top choice amongst Millennials for investigating the culture of a company (28%).

Other interesting findings from Jobvite’s study include the following:

  • Nearly half of job seekers (45%) are happy with their jobs but will jump ship if better opportunities come their way. Tech workers in particular are prone to riding the wave of opportunity: the sector sees the highest short-term turnover.
  • Half of employed job seekers view their current position as a “placeholder”, an indication that jobs are seen as growth experiences rather than an end in themselves.
  • One-to-one interviews remain the format of choice for interviewers; however, employers are increasingly using a range of ways to vet candidates such as a lunch meeting, writing tests, panel interviews and phone interviews. Tech job seekers are more likely to have been interviewed on Skype or by video.
  • Money talks. Compensation has the biggest impact on job seekers’ decision to take a job or leave it.
  • What matters most to job seekers also depends on their generation. For Millennials, location is key. For thirty-somethings, growth opportunities are important.
  • Job seeking is now a 24/7 process: job seekers with a smartphone will look for jobs on their commute, in the bathroom or at work.
  • The research shows that men and women can at least agree on one thing: work-life balance.

Are you surprised by any of these findings? Let me know through the comments box below.

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