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How Much Do UK Job Seekers Know About Perspective Employers?

For most job seekers, researching a prospective employer is just not practical. If you took the time to get some background information done on every single employer you’d waste precious time that you could have invested in completing another job application.

Some job ads are very detailed which makes it easy for job seekers to find out more information about the employer when applying for a job. But this is not always the case, and sometimes it is not possible to screen every job spec before applying. Of course this means that you could end up with a job that does not quite align with what you read in the job ad.

According to research by Harris Interactive for Glassdoor’s Job Expectations survey 80% of British employees did not look up any information about their current employer.

Failure to Perform Independent Background Checks on Employers

This research polled 1,000 UK employees and also discovered that 78% of surveyors did not take the time to find out whether or not the company they worked for made a significant profit which would offer financial security. Other key findings of this report include the following:

  • 55% of surveyors did not view their employer’s website to get more information about the company.
  • 23% of surveyors believe they should have been more inquisitive about their job role during the interview process.
  • 80% of surveyors did not search online for workplace culture reviews posted about the company.
  • 20% of surveyors believed that feedback about the company from current staff would have been advantageous.

Additional findings of this survey have also revealed that as a result of not conducting thorough research about their future employer 31% of surveyors have been left feeling disappointed with their new job.

In an ideal world, gathering as much background information about an employer when applying for a job should be simple, with resources like the internet and even by word of mouth; finding out everything you need to know about an employer is relatively easy. However, 22% of surveyors stated that they did not have much information to go on when it came to opting to accept a new job offer.

Ways Job Seekers Can Avoid Accepting the Wrong Job

This is an issue that applies to every job seeker unfortunately at some point during their job search. Whether they fail to look up their potential employer in order to assess their own suitability when they are applying for a new job or they fail to dig a little bit deeper before they are actually employed; job seekers need to become more vigilant when it comes to looking for employment. They need to become more aware that by just being a little more inquisitive during their job interviews, they will be able to gauge if the job position is worth accepting if they are offered it.

Furthermore, performing a quick background check before a job interview even takes place is even better. Job seekers will be able to eliminate any job interviews which they deem is not relevant to what they are looking for in the first place. Looking into an employers’ background should be a part of the job search process for job seekers, because it’s one thing to secure a job but it’s another thing to make sure that the role is capable of fulfilling all of your career aspirations.

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