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How Musicians Can Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube is a popular video sharing website which allows users to upload, share and view videos. Musicians all over the world use YouTube to promote their music videos. However, simply uploading your video on the site does not guarantee that it will get viewed. Here are some tips for getting more views:

1. Get word out to your network

Most musicians have fans and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. These are the first people you need to reach out to when promoting your music videos. Let them be the first to know when you are about to release a new video. Mention the date or release and get them excited about it. This way, you will be assured of several YouTube views within the first 24 hours of release. Ask your fans to like it and share with their friends.

2. Run a competition

After launching your music video on YouTube, you could consider creating a competition around it. For example, you could ask question which requires people to watch your music video to find the answer. The winners will then be awarded a prize. This prize does not have to anything costly, but just something that is valuable to music lovers. For instance, you could consider offering a free album by a popular musician within your genre. Don’t use your own songs as the prize unless you are well known. Giving away an album by a famous musician is likely to get more people interested in the competition. Take time to promote the competition on your website as well as social media pages.

3. Use the right keywords

Keywords are the words or phrases people use when looking for something online. Using the right keywords will make it easier for people to find your videos. For instance, let’s say you are a jazz band in Kenya that is looking for clients. You could use keywords such as ’Swahili jazz band’, ‘jazz band for hire Kenya’ or ‘best jazz band in Kenya’. You could also get ideas from the suggestions that come up when you type keywords in YouTube.

4. Use YouTube paid adverts

If you really want to succeed in your music career, you should be willing to spend some money in marketing. One of the best ways of getting more video views is through YouTube paid ads. Such adverts come in very handy especially for independent musicians.

5. Use Facebook adverts

Facebook adverts are a very effective and affordable way of getting more views. However, it would not be advisable to send people directly to your YouTube video page. Instead, direct them to a page on your site where the video is embedded. Besides or below the video, place an email sign up form. Let people know that they can download this song at no cost after submitting their name and email address. You can use this mailing list in future to send updates to your subscribers, thus building a strong relationship.

The tips above can be very helpful in helping you get more views on YouTube. However, this does not guarantee overnight success. The best way of getting more views is by releasing more and more videos over time. This could even be videos of special features or interviews. As you attract more subscribers, you will get more views for all your videos.

Image source: Mashable via ZAN KOSE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

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