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CVS / MAR. 18, 2015
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How Résumé Lies Can Cost You a Dream Job – Infographic

The job market is tough, and companies have become very picky when it comes to hiring candidates. As such, many people are left wondering how to astound recruiters and craft a résumé that would set them apart from competition. More than half of résumés (53.3%) and job applications have been embellished with false information. The result for companies? Believe it or not, résumé fraud costs employers a whopping $600 million a year. So, recruiters have wakened up and increased their background checks on candidates.

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In this infographic by, there are a few interesting figures that deal with the realities of résumé fraud and why you should never lie on your résumé.


  • An embellished skill set (57%) is one of the most common résumé lies, followed by embellished responsibilities (55%) and dates of employment (42%).  
  • Financial services (73%), leisure and hospitality (71%) and Information Technology (63%) were the industries where the most résumé fraud has been discovered.
  • Men (30%) tend to lie twice as much as women (15%).
  • Candidates be careful!: Almost 40% of human resources professionals increased the amount of time they spend checking references.
  • 70% of college students admitted they would lie on a résumé to get a job.

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So, if you are thinking of coming up with tales such as claiming to be the assistant of a Prime Minister in a country that has no Prime Minister, then take a look at this infographic. The HR department will probably check your story out before they agree to hire you. And those lies might just cost you your dream job! 

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