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WEB & TECH / MAR. 08, 2015
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How Sexting Ruined My Career

Humanity has proven we will take any technological feat and point it directly at our crotch. It’s almost as if humanity is a hormonal adolescent boy, trying to get its rocks off with whatever type of apparatus is available to him. What makes you think that communication technology would be different? Since we’ve had Internet-enabled smartphones with cameras, we have been sending pics to each other of our kibbles and bits. In some cases, it’s just some good not-so-clean fun; in other cases, it has seriously damaged people’s careers and public personas. I will be your tour guide for this little expedition into the gallery of sexting faux-pas, and please don’t send me any d*ck pics.

Extra Credit *wink* *wink*

Image source: The Dead War

Although Melinda Dennehy was a scholar of the written word, she took the idiom ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ to heart. Unfortunately, she didn’t read the fine text stating that if it depicts something her OB/GYN would see it might be worth a jail sentence. OK, if she sent it to her 15-year-old student, it would be worth a jail sentence. Which she did. The very former and current prison suit-wearing English teacher sent pictures of herself to a 15-year-old student. Just for your information: in the pics she sent, she was wearing a lot less than her usual classroom cardigan and comfy flats.

The Principal would like to talk to your father. No, only your father.

Annie Schmutz Seifullah was the Administrator at a New York school, but her life wasn’t exclusively pantsuits and algebra. Her day-to-day activities read more like a dollar-rack romance novel, including explicit pictures and sex in the workplace. Under the best circumstances, bumping your swimsuit parts together with a coworker at work is frowned upon, but this classy lady did it at the school she worked in, which is bound to get you a frownie face sticker. So, this administrator was turned in to the authorities by her boyfriend, because she was ‘administering’ an ’oral’ test to a visiting assistant principle at the school his (the aforementioned boyfriend’s) daughter went to. For clarification’s sake: she was doing that with her mouth. And his ’academic credentials’.

Anthony Weiner: Here’s a picture of my wiener

This guy’s a twofer; not only was he dragged through the mud once because of his online libido, but twice. The first time was much more damaging as it cost him a seat in the House of Representatives. All for the chance for Weiner to show off his wiener. The second time, he tried to foray back into politics by placing candidacy for Mayor of New York. Of course, he couldn’t keep it in his pants, let alone off the Internet and was yet again burned (you might want to get a doctor to look at that).

Sydney Leathers: Weiner and beyond

A noteworthy amendment to the second Weinergate is one Sydney Leathers, who actually kind of made a career out of a sexting scandal; she was the woman that assisted in bringing down Weiner’s mayoral bid. If you giggled a bit when you read her name and thought to yourself ‘she sounds like a porn star’, I’d like to let you know that she is. Shortly after she revealed that she and Weiner were exchanging photos of their dirty bits, she decided that she wasn’t exactly cut out for the political scene. She opted for a more backdoor way to success by using her ‘backdoor’. Stop hissing out of indignation, she’s already had three porn scenes and she’s working on a full film, so don’t judge me for an admittedly tasteless joke; it was just ripe for the spanking… I mean, picking.

Do you know any other sexting scandals that ruined peoples’ careers? Let me know in the comment section below.

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