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How Small Business Seminars Can Benefit Your Company (and You)

Have you ever been to a small business seminar? If you run your own small business or are thinking of starting one, you need to know that seminars not only can help with the development of your business but can also be of benefit in improving your skills as an entrepreneur.

What is a Small Business Seminar?

A small business seminar is a talk, workshop, meeting and/or training program that is conducted by a professional or professionals in a given field. The purpose is to educate, enlighten, encourage and provide help to those who are less experienced in the subject matter. A small business seminar can take place over one day or it can stretch over three or four days, up to a week’s time. There can be only a few people in attendance at a seminar or a great many.

Some employees are sent to seminars by their companies to learn a new skill, such as time management, stress management, sales techniques, marketing techniques, or basic math skills, while others choose to attend on their own to learn what they need to know for their own small businesses.

Small business seminars are an excellent way to keep abreast of new ideas, suggestions and cutting edge technology. They also provide a valuable opportunity to network and meet others in the same or similar fields as you are in.

The Seminar Professional

The person at the forefront of the seminar is the instructor. This person is known as the seminar professional. He or she can choose from three different operating modes by which to conduct the event. The modes are described below:

Speaker, Presenter or Trainer

The seminar professional can act in the capacity of a speaker, presenter, or a trainer. He can choose to work directly with attendees and book seminars on his own or book them through a speaker’s bureau (which is similar to a talent agency). This is the most commonly used of the three options.

Promoter, Seminar Company or Training Firm

In this case, the seminar professional is the conduit by which attendees learn the subject material. He sets up the programs that then make it possible for individuals to speak amongst the group, as well as to train and/or be presenters.

Combination of the First Two

Some seminar professionals set up the programs and then present the material themselves. It is also common for the seminar professional to present but also to bring in other people to present in order to share the speaking and training aspects of the seminar.

Most seminar professionals choose to be speakers, presenters or trainers but it is really up to the personal choice of the person. The comfort level, not to mention, confidence level of the presenter plays an integral role.

What will be Learned at a Small Business Seminar?

Small business seminars can encompass any number of topics but some of the most common ones are customer service, managerial skills, creative problem-solving, planning and implementation, leadership, marketing strategies, self-motivation and sales motivation. Whatever topics you can think of in relation to small business, there is most likely a seminar that addresses it.

If you live in a big city, finding seminars relevant to what you need will probably be simpler than you realize. Check to see what you can find online. You should also check with the local Chamber of Commerce and/or Small Business Development Center. Be aware that if you live in a smaller town or in a more rural area, you may have to drive to a bigger city to attend a seminar. This will likely involve time away from your business, transportation costs and a hotel stay. The up side to it is that it will prove invaluable for the future of your company.

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