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How the Shake Mobile App Can Make Freelancers Lives Easier

The Shake mobile app is designed for business people, small businesses and freelancers. This app makes staying organized and having the right contracts available in just a few seconds a huge convenience. The app does more than just help you understand legal jargon. You can manage clients, manage agreements and even categorize the files.

Create Legal Agreements Easily

There are several pre-fabricated agreements to choose from with Shake. Depending on the type of engagement you are entering into, you’ll search through those specific offerings to select the most appropriate contract for your needs with a client.

This is ideal for contractors, freelancers and other self-employed persons to keep legal matters straight. A signed contract is upheld in a court of law should non-payment or a breach of the agreement occur.

Easy to Understand Terminology

The terminology within the shake app is designed to be easy to understand. Every agreement and document in the database is written in simple terms. You won’t have to pull out a dictionary to understand what you’re sending to a client to sign.  Some agreements can be altered so that they are specific to the project, such as including the work to be done in a specific amount of time.

Electronic Signing of Documents

When you send off a document from the Shake app to a client, they can sign the document electronically. There is no need for them to print the document, sign it and scan it back to you. The signed agreement is sent back to you and is filed under your agreements tab. It really does not get much easier than that.

Free Service

It costs money to have lawyers draw up legal documents and many online services also charge a fee. Shake is free. There are no fees associated with using the agreements and contracts available here. Saving this money means that you have more to spend on marketing, networking, revamping your website or catching up on household bills. It is difficult to find a service that offers legal documents in plain terminology at no cost, that is until now.

Available Categories

From rental agreement to freelance graphic design categories and everything in between, Shake has what you need. If you are a rental property owner, you can create a lease agreement right on the application. A renter’s application can also be created and you can accept deposits and rent payments right through the app.

Another great feature is sending monthly statements. You can stay organized by listing clients or debtors in alphabetical order. This will help you find clients that need to be billed regularly easier.

If you loan money to a friend or family member, there is an agreement for that too. Anything you need an agreement for, whether it is a bill of sale or promise to purchase, it is just a few touches of the screen away.

The Shake app has a variety of benefits that honestly do make the life of a freelancer or self-employed person easier. Taking hours to search on the PC for a specific type of agreement that you can understand is frustrating. These agreements force you to spend more time looking up what things mean, than customizing them and sending them off. Shake lets you separate your different agreements into folders. This helps you stay organized and remember when agreements were sent and started. This type of organization is a must for freelancers, who are often too busy to remember simple things like fueling the car or grocery shopping.

You really have nothing to lose here. It is an easy and convenient option for freelancers and small businesses of all types.


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