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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 14, 2016
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How to Accept an E-mailed Job Offer

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how i met your mother
JOB SEARCH / NOV 26, 2015

You got the job offer. Fist pump! Hooray! But wait -- your time of dealing with the anxiety and being under the microscope isn’t over just yet. Like most things in life...

hipster job interview
JOB SEARCH / AUG 24, 2016

If you are a desperate job seeker you’ll probably feel like you should accept any job offer, but should you really? These are ten signs you shouldn’t. Getting a job can...

Man and woman shaking hands
JOB SEARCH / JAN 12, 2016

All the hard work you’ve put into advancing your job search skills and prepping for the interview has finally paid off! You’ve been offered a job at the company you’ve...

job offer
JOB SEARCH / OCT 24, 2014

Evaluating a job offer must be a decision that is made with careful consideration. Rushing into making a decision is a recipe for disaster because it is quite possible...

job acceptance letter
JOB SEARCH / NOV 22, 2016

You’ve just landed the job of your dreams, and you’re still recovering from the great news. You need to write to your new boss, formally accepting the role and perhaps...

What Does Your E-mail Address Says About You?
JOB SEARCH / NOV 28, 2013

The fact of the matter is - a lot of us made our e-mails addresses when we were very young. I'm one of those people. I was twelve when I made my first e-mail address; it...

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