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CVS / JUL. 11, 2016
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How to Add Accomplishments to Your Resume

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Young woman holds paper
CVS / JUN 08, 2016

Soft skills such as teamwork, leadership and problem solving are important to any job and should be on your resume. But how can you demonstrate these? Your soft skills...

10 Things to Add to Your Resume List This Christmas
CVS / DEC 30, 2014

As you are gearing up for the New Year, looking for a new career or business opportunities, there’s no better time than Christmas to create a more user-friendly resume...

retro style man typing on a typewriter
CVS / MAR 25, 2016

Not many of us keep track of our accomplishments at work, what with impending deadlines and bosses breathing down our necks, we forget to keep a list with all of our...

man writing
CVS / MAY 02, 2016

The job seeking game is never a simple one. Fate and employers have such a twisted sense of humour that you may find yourself wanting or needing to apply to a company to...

How to Email Your Resume
CVS / DEC 31, 2014

Technology is quickly changing how we communicate. Today, more employers prefer to utilize email to receive job applications, mostly for its convenience and efficiency...

How to Declutter Your Resume
CVS / AUG 06, 2014

Did you know that an over-long resume can actually decrease your chances of getting the job you’re applying for? When your resume is too long, the hiring manager will...

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