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How to Build a Positive Work Environment

Building a positive environment within any workplace is the ultimate step to a company’s success. It will inspire employees to work hard, produce results and actually look forward to going to work. A positive working environment enhances employee motivation, confidence and overall happiness. It facilitates a feeling of cooperation, teamwork and content.

There are numerous ways to build and maintain a positive working environment. Some of the most common techniques are outlined below:

Build trust

Trust forms the foundation of all relationships. Building an environment based on trust is one of the most important things you can do to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace. Trust must be practiced in everything that you do, from the things that you say, to how you respond in one-to-one conversations.

It is of primary importance that you are aware of all of your words and behaviors in the work place, and ensure that they are always worthy of your employee’s trust. When speaking to your team, do not provide them with empty promises and always be honest in your actions and intentions. Even when dealing with difficult or uncomfortable situations, maintaining honesty will facilitate the situation. By consistently sticking to your word, you will be able to build and maintain trust with all of your staff members.


Communicating positively and openly is one of the best ways to make an employee feel valued. It is vital to communicate to them any important company activity or occurrences that will affect them. Do not leave them in the dark about anything important.

Make use of all resources available to you, such as email, a white board, or team building exercises. Make use of every communication channel available and be sure to regularly communicate with your staff. This will create a positive working environment. A positive environment is the ultimate acquisition for overall workplace satisfaction and contentment amongst both employers and employees.

High expectations

Think highly of your staff and they will think highly of themselves. Your team of staff will perform in the way that you expect them to perform, therefore if you have high expectations of them, treat them as if they are capable and competent, and they will behave this way.

Create team spirit

Your employees want to come to work feeling as if they belong to a supportive work group. As a supervisor, part of your job is to create a feeling on unity amongst your staff. This will help your team to feel as if they are a part of something. This will enhance their motivation and make them want to work and have minimal absences.

As an employer you can achieve this by ensuring that each member of your team is playing an important role. Encourage cooperation rather than competition; and your team will feel as if they are collectively working towards something rather than competing with one another. In this respect, their work will be of a better quality and the atmosphere amongst coworkers will be more favorable.

Hold regular staff meetings and ask for employees input during problem solving and awareness exercises. Ensure that humor is part of the daily work environment and acknowledge important events such as birthdays or the birth of a baby.

Be professional

Deal with workplace problems and issues professionally. Do not embarrass or shame staff in front of one another; discuss your concerns in a private setting and keep them confidential. Support your employees through varying circumstances and they will trust you and turn to you as and when necessary.

Reward your team

There are numerous ways to reward your team for completing their work or doing a good job of something. In certain industries you can provide them with opportunities to earn commission or bonuses. Dispense vouchers or offer a complimentary company lunch or dinner when goals have been reached. Allow them to dress casually on a Friday if your company’s dress code is more stringent. Rewarding your team will motivate them and encourage them to work hard and achieve results.



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