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How to Deal with a Difficult Manager


Regardless of holding an executive position, employees are often subjected to difficult supervisors, managers or bosses. In a professional environment, there are bound to be differences – whether it is in the style of executing a task or managing your team. It is therefore important to effectively deal with your superiors in such a manner that it does not disadvantage you in any way.

As an executive you may be part of a team, or have other employees that you need to manage therefore it is advised to maintain a professional and civilized relationship with your manager as they are your direct line with upper management.

Here are three tips on how to handle a difficult boss:

Employees who are inflicted with the behavior of a difficult boss often refrain from actively counteracting the issue. Due to their passive response to the bullying and unfairness they are subjected to, the behavior of their boss intensifies and eventually becomes a habit. It is therefore advised to counteract this bad habit at the start – set boundaries and refuse to be treated a certain way.

If the behavior of your boss has been set due to the passive reactions of others over the years, it is important to establish some differences with your attitude towards them. Make sure that you remain poised and calm when approaching your difficult boss. Do not be intimidated by their behavior and maintain a confident and assured personality when working with them.

When dealing with a difficult and negative manager, it is imperative to actively record and document your completed tasks and achievements. By doing this, you can ensure that no one can accuse you of slacking or not completing tasks. As an executive, you will have specific responsibilities to complete therefore it is important to keep track of your progress.

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