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How to Earn Respect as a New Executive

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New executives are often treated with suspicion among an organization’s employees, and earning their respect can often prove to be a challenging task. To avoid the negative consequences associated with poor management style and to cultivate the respect of your colleagues, executives need to adopt some practices that will help them gain their loyalty and appreciation.

Here as some strategic tips to help you earn your colleagues’ respect:

Listen to other people

Some executives are just not interested in what their employees have to say. This is tremendously wrong, because people then feel that you think that their opinion is not important. Executives need to allow the time to hear other people and sincerely care for them.

Be fair

Make sure that you treat all employees fairly and discipline where appropriate. Allowing an employee that always arrives late, misses deadlines or causes problems in the workplace to continue with this attitude without any consequences shows to the rest of the team that such behavior is acceptable by the management. It is important to discipline where necessary in order to be fair with the group.

Praise in public

Rewarding individuals who perform well by praising them in public is advised. It is very productive to celebrate achievements in every possible way. Some good techniques to adopt are to give awards, spread success stories and praise these individuals to upper management.

Follow the office hours

While managers are not always subjected to the regular office hours in place for the rest of the employees, it is important that you abide by them in order to set a positive example. If your colleagues see you working hard and dedicating more hours than you are expected to, they are more likely to be motivated by your encouraging behavior and follow your lead.

Treat others as you would like to be treated

Executives need to learn how to moderate their social style so they can work better with them, and always treat people with dignity and politeness. Moreover, they have to be patient with them and keep their commitments.

The key to earning your colleagues’ respect is to treat them with respect. For individuals holding executive roles, gaining respect is vital for their long-term success in the company. In addition, the people who work for them will also become more efficient, and therefore a more pleasant and inspiring working environment will be generated.

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