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How to Find an Executive Job in a Competitive Market


In order to find employment in any market,you need to stand out as an employee and have a handful of skills and attributes that will enable you to stand out to employers. However, if you are looking for an executive level job in a competitive market then it is essential that you acquire a range of unique skills and attributes that exhibit you as a truly unique candidate.

Understand your potential employers

Gain an understanding of the type of company you are applying to and the employers that will be recruiting you. By learning more about the cultural values of these employers, you can gauge how appropriate you are for the role and establish the kind of attitude they will looking for in an interview setting.


Make full use of every online and offline connection that you possess. Oftentimes, recruiters prefer to interview individuals based on recommendations as opposed to going through the traditional recruitment process. It is therefore essential that you expand your network as far and wide as possible in order to discover what jobs are available through word of mouth.

In a competitive market you want to ensure that you are able to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of being hired over and above other candidates. Today’s online networking opportunities are rife, with networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter giving recruiters and employees ample opportunities to interact. Further still, offline networking remains a prominent activity that enables people to meet others within their area of expertise.

Set yourself apart from the competition

Do everything in your power to set yourself apart from your competition. Participate in out-of-work activities that could add towards your unique skill set. For example if you are looking for employment within the marketing industry, be sure to have a blog set up and contribute towards a local newspaper or magazine column. Ensure that your CV is as distinctive as possible with a full range of extra-curricular activities demonstrated.

Adopting some or all of the above tips could aid you in gaining employment success in a competitive market. 

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