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How to Find the Right Employee

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Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right employee to fill the position, and this is a result of a number of factors. The recession has caused a fierce demand for jobs with individuals applying for any job, as opposed to their ideal job, in order to find employment. Another factor that interviewers need to contend with is the ‘poker face’ at interview stages – this refers to the candidate claiming to be the ideal candidate and skilled in the necessary areas, while in reality they are not.

Many recruiting companies find themselves interviewing the wrong type of candidates as a result of their chosen recruitment agency selecting candidates that they believe are suitable, without truly understanding the needs of the employing company.

Sometimes, interviewers only conduct one interview with each candidate before offering the selected individual the job – this is usually because they are pressured into filling the position quickly rather than spending time to find the perfect employee. The downside of one-time interviews is that the recruiter cannot fully gage whether the employee would be suited for the post in the space of one meeting. Some interviews have been known to last under 30 minutes due to lack of time available from the recruiter, and this is another reason why so many companies end up with the wrong employee for the job.

There are many ways to ensure you find the right employee for your company, and it is advised that all recruiters follow the necessary steps outlined below to guarantee success in their recruitment process.

Recruitment agency

If you are searching for candidates through a recruitment agency, it is important to ensure that the agency is fully aware of the job description and responsibilities, the company environment and workplace ethos and the personality of employee that would fit into the company well. The agency must also be acutely aware of the skills, qualifications, experience and goals expected of potential employees so as to short list the most suitable group of candidates for interview stage. It is a good idea to invite the recruitment agency consultant to your company to enable them to gage the type of workplace environment it is first hand.

Identify the must have skills

You may be faced with a large number of seemingly ideal candidates and so it is vital to filter the candidates down by matter of skills and experience related to the position. By confirming the essential skills and experience required for the position, you can find out if the candidate has these necessary skills early on in the interview, thus saving you and the candidate time and effort if they are unsuitable.

Ascertain the employees potential on a personal and business level

It is advised that you create a number of questions that will help you to gage the personality and overall career aspirations of the candidate. This will help you to determine whether the employee would be beneficial to the company in the long term or would simply a short term solution.

Conduct several interviews

Although the recruitment process is typically a lengthy and often disruptive process for the employers to participate in, it is vital that you conduct the appropriate number of interviews in relation to the type of job you are interviewing for. For example, a one off interview per candidate would suffice for a cleaning job, but if you are hiring someone with specialist skills or a manager, you may need around 2-3 interviews overall to ensure you select the best candidate for the job. It is advised that you filter your potential employee list down before giving each candidate a second or third interview, this will save you time and enable you to make a decision between fewer candidates.

Poker face pitfalls

It is vital that when interviewing candidates, you describe the position, its responsibilities and all duties, in an honest and open way, to ensure the candidate is fully aware of the position they are applying for and its requirements. Equally, it is important to beware of candidates claiming to be skilled, interested, or experienced in certain areas, which they are not. Many job seekers will say whatever the recruiter wants to here in order to secure him/herself a job, and so it is vital to decipher which candidates are being truthful. The perfect employee is a rare occurrence, so if a candidate appears too perfect for the role, make sure you use open-ended questions to allow the candidate to demonstrate their abilities.

Interview dynamics

It is a good idea to begin with an open-ended question, such as “tell me a bit about yourself”. This will show how well the employee can structure a concise, relevant and detailed description of themselves in a short period of time. You will gage how well the candidate can handle being “put on the spot” and you will also get an understanding of what they deem to be important for you to know. You should also pay close attention to how the candidate acts in the interview, for example, are they shifting in their seat, avoiding eye contact or appearing uncomfortable in your presence. If so, this should be taken into consideration when filtering down your list of potentially suitable candidates for the job.

Make use of references

When interviewing candidates for a job that involves a particular type of skill set, personality trait or work experience, it is advised that you contact the applicants’ previous employers for references. This will help you to gage a true understanding of the individuals abilities.

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