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JOB SEARCH / JUN. 07, 2013
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How to Get a Job During Recession or in a Tight Job Market

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Finding employment is a difficult task within itself however finding a job during recession is an even harder feat. In order to successfully land yourself an interview and a job, individuals are advised to market their qualifications and skills in the most effective manner. Whether this is through creating an exceptional CV or by networking, it is important to get noticed and highlight your unique selling points to employers. Individuals are advised to demonstrate that they will prove to be an asset to the company through their creative and unique approach to work.

With most countries facing their highest unemployment rates in recent times, companies are making cuts in employees. Many individuals who previously held secure employment are finding themselves without a job in this saturated job market. From graduates to experienced professional, finding a job during recession will be a difficult task however, following the tips outlined below will help you transform your unemployed status to a working professional status:

  • Update your CV: most individuals tend to undermine the important of updating their CV. It is vital that you keep your CV up to date so that it clearly reflects your current skills, previous employment and experiences as well as qualifications. Be sure to include any promotions and, if possible, provide evidence in regards to achievements. Employers will look for individuals who have a CV that is clear and concise in marketing an individual.
  • Network: in times of recession, most companies are making their employees redundant therefore individuals are advised to network themselves to their best ability. Attend workshops and lectures related to your field as it is likely that you will meet professional working in the industry. Approaching individuals and introducing yourself will help you form a positive impression onto employers.
  • Recruitment Agency: register with recruitment agencies in so that you are informed of job openings and opportunities in a number of fields that you are interested in working in. Recruitment agencies are likely to provide you with feedback on your CV and help you improve interview skills as well.
  • Skills: experts’ advice individuals to make the most of their time unemployed. This can be done through learning new skills as well as improving skills such as communication, organization and time management. Learning new skills such as mastering new software will show employers that you are a motivated and determined individual.



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