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How to get a Job Working as an Executive Officer for the Irish Government

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An executive officer position is regarded with high esteem in Ireland and all staff hired for the role must be of a high caliber in order to be successful. If you are interested in finding employment as an executive officer for the Irish government, the following is a guide on the requirements, obligations and benefits of the role.


In order to become an executive officer you must be a quick thinker who is resourceful and creative. You will be engaged in the critical analysis of proposals and reports, whilst also being involved in the examination of complex, non-routine cases. Your role will also involve the responsibility of making decision based on complex matters.

Individuals will also need to demonstrate in the interview that they have the capacity to undertake a more challenging role in the future, as an Executive Officer’s role always has potential for expansion and growth.

After performing the role for a period of five years, executives may be entitled to a promotion to a Higher Executive Officer. Some executive officers hold a management role, which involves organizing and supervising the work of clerical staff. Nevertheless the role of the executive officer is vast and varies, involving a number of tasks and responsibilities.

Executive officers are required to work across a number of departments and can therefore be responsible for dealing with education, the health service, environmental protection, industrial development, worker protection or the development of marine resources. All Executive Officers must also be:

  • Clear, logical and quick thinkers

  • Articulate in spoken and written English

  • Able to relate successfully to and work with people from a range of backgrounds

  • Have an interest in public affairs

  • Be appropriately certified (the required certification will depend on the exact executive officer position employed)   

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