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How to Handle a Long Commute to Work


Individuals who have a long commute to work will need to adopt a number of strategies in order to cope with the pressures of spending long periods of time travelling to and from work every day. Below is a simple guide on how to better prepare yourself for daily work-based travel:

Understand your benefits

Establishing the benefits of a long commute to and from work will enable you to gain a better understanding of why you do this on a daily basis. Understand what makes the commute worthwhile – whether it is the people that you work with, the quality of your work or the money that you earn, as long as you are able to remind yourself why your commute is worthwhile, this will prevent you from having negative or detrimental thoughts.

Accept moments of anger or frustration

People who travel long distances to work will undoubtedly encounter traffic jams, accidents, road works and other factors which may encourage them to get angry or lose their tempers. Don’t feel guilty about experiencing road rage every now and then. If you are experiencing anger and frustration in a particular situation, follow the feeling through. Provided that you learn how to control your anger and accept that a number of circumstances will elicit feelings of anger or frustration, at times it is better to mitigate your frustrations by experiencing road rage.

Be kind to yourself

Whilst driving, it is important to treat yourself with kindness and not allow yourself to get stressed over minor things. Driving can be a stressful experience if you start your day off on the wrong footing, therefore begin your day positively by accepting the commute ahead of you and acknowledging it as a ‘break’ that gives you the opportunity to listen to music and clear your head.

If commuting by train it is important to take the time to do something worthwhile with your time. If you enjoy reading, take along your favorite book; if you are tired, use the time to have a nap. Alternatively a train journey can be the ideal time to catch up on some work or prepare for a meeting. Whatever you do with this time, ensure that it will encourage you to feel calm and relaxed prior to arriving at your desk. 

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