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STUDENT LIFE / DEC. 05, 2016
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How to Keep Growing Your Business While Taking a Degree

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Taking a degree is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. But, unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t stop. Your business won’t wait for you to finish your course. You might not even be able to afford it. There are ways you can continue growing your business without neglecting your studies. You can even use one to complement the other.

Set Up a Blog

Setting up a blog is a great way to drive sales to your business. It’s easy to do and it allows you to post regularly without it taking up too much of your time. It can be great fun, too.

Post entertaining and informative content – this doesn’t even need to be about your products or ideas. As long as it’s relevant, you can link your ideas in. If you are studying for an MPH degree, for example, starting a healthcare blog would be a great way to share information. Link your blog back to your business, and watch your business grow.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is growing rapidly. Most businesses now use some form of online marketing, and the ones that aren’t should be. As well as using your blog to advertise your business, you can comment on other people’s work with links back to your own.

Get on social media – this is a fast and free way to share your content. Set up a profile on all of the main platforms and grow a following by engaging with people, replying to their comments and sharing their posts. They will start to do the same for you. You’ll soon be getting more traffic to your business than ever before with very little work on your part.

Time Management

You’ll need to manage your time wisely if you want to study and run your own business at the same time. Be as organized as you can be: have a diary, make lists and stick to them. Allocate time to spend on your business and don’t let that get away from you. Your studies are important, so don’t forget to give them the time they need. It can be quite easy to let time escape you when you’re working on a business you love, so consider setting an alarm for when it’s time to stop.

Study Online or Part-Time

With so many options available to you when it comes to studying, from part-time hours to taking time out or studying online, you don’t need to be tied down to how you study. Even intense postgraduate courses such as a master’s in public health are available online. This could give you a lot more freedom to manage your business and take the time to grow and develop it while you study.

Organization will be of utmost importance if you’re going to study and run a business at the same time. You’ll need to manage your time effectively and make sure you find the right balance for you. Use what you learn in your degree to help your business or take a degree to help you further your business. If your business is healthcare-related, an online master in public health would be a great asset to you.

Do you have anything you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments section below!

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