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CVS / MAY. 25, 2016
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How to Prepare Your Resume for a Health Industry Job

Academic/Medical CV Writing Service

Create an academic or medical CV today with a top-rated, award-winning writing service. Deal includes a resume, a cover letter, and a dedicated LinkedIn profile.

The Pharmacy Professionals' Guide to Résumés, CVs and Interviews

The 3rd edition of this popular resource for student pharmacists and pharmacy professionals provides step-by-step instructions on preparing a résumé, curriculum vitae (CV), and cover letters and on preparing for an interview.

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How to Write a Resume for a Job in the Fashion Industry
CVS / JUL 11, 2014

So you’ve dreamed of a job in the fashion industry almost as long as you’ve been riding a bike without training wheels, and now you’ve decided to stop dreaming and go for...

How to Prepare Your CV for a Cabin Crew Job
CVS / JUN 17, 2014

Airline recruitment is very different to any other type of recruitment in that the sheer number of applicants outweighs practically any other sector. Emirates alone...

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CVS / FEB 28, 2016

Competition amongst job seekers is fierce, and it can be hard to make your resume stand out from the rest when you send a job application. Hiring managers and recruiters...

Woman licking vinyl record
CVS / JAN 22, 2016

When an employer advertises a job opening in their company, their eye is on the prize: the best candidate; someone who is experienced, skilled and qualified enough to get...

How to Handle Job Termination on Your Resume
CVS / APR 25, 2015

Being let go from your job for any reason can become a tricky situation to deal with when editing your resume for submission to new jobs. However, if you were fired from...

How to Retrofit Your Resume to Land an Administrative Job
CVS / FEB 01, 2015

In these tough times when the outlook for certain jobs is gloomy, switching to an administrative career might be a viable option. The Bureau of Labor Statistics...

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