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How ‘Who Shared My Link’ Can Help You Grow Your Blog/Business

Who shares your blog and business posts really matters. The content provided to those already subscribed is often shared on social media networks. This helps to get the content viewed by a more diverse crowd. Eventually, influential people and influential brands take an interest in your products, services and content. It is likely that this will create a buzz and bring new clientele your way.

Influential Bloggers

When influential bloggers start liking and sharing your content it helps bring along some of their followers too. They are likely to subscribe to your content to stay up-to-date on a series of posts or content on a specific topic.

These influential bloggers may ask you to compose a featured or sponsored post. This helps to get your name out there to bring more major companies your way for sponsored reviews and content writing needs. Brands may also come to you to help market products or place paid marketing ads on your website. The increased revenue allows you to expand more as a blogger or business owner.

Builds Positive Online Reputations

The type of people you have sharing the content you post says a lot about your reputation as a blogger or business. Those that are known to cause trouble or have poor communication reputations with the public will hinder their opinion of you. When you have well-respected persons sharing your content, this boosts your online reputation. This helps to boost your popularity and potentially bring more clientele your way.

Many blog and small online business owners make a lucrative income networking, doing featured and guest posts, and gaining clients simply through the higher profile persons sharing their links.

Reaches More Valuable Audiences

When you have other respected persons sharing your content links, the content reaches a more diverse audience. What this means is that you’ll have more valuable feedback and the content is relevant to those viewing it. A valuable audience is one that has a heavy online presence with well-recognized persons in the industry or respected brands that find value in the content you produce. Some may approach you to produce content for you as a result.

Builds Brand Respect

As you build your blogging or business brand, it will gain respect from consumers with the right persons sharing the content. Network with other respected bloggers and work on a backlinking and post sharing agreement for more exposure. When you have a respected website to backlink to, it gets them more traffic and shows that you pay attention to who puts up quality content. When the same is done for you in return, it boosts your Google PR Ranking and respect with the general online community.

Creates a Buzz

Having a bit of buzz created bout your content or posts is quite exciting. It may start as just one influential person sharing your content but it could also soon become multiple influential persons or brands doing the sharing. This buzz often leads to more clientele, more work and more income. There is nowhere to go but up from here.

It is important that you take the time to look and see who is sharing the content you post on your blog or website. If you’ve received negative comments or reduced traffic, some of those sharing the content could be the problem. From here you’ll want to appeal to a larger audience and weed out those that tarnish your good reputation. Soon enough the right people will share the posts and your reputation will quickly be known as a powerful content creator, blogger or business owner.


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